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Classic floorboards and shifter on a custom?

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  1. Croz61

    I have a '99 custom, and would like to put a few pieces from a 2000 Classic on it.

    In particular, I'd like to put the stock floorboards and heel/toe shifter from the Classic on my Custom.

    Has anyone done that?

    I also see some passenger floorboards designed for the classic as OEM accessories, and might like to put those on the custom as well.

    Just looking to see if anyone has blazed that trail before me, and if so, what parts, etc., might have to come along with the floorboards and shifter.

  2. bkman

    I put a set of Star floorboards on mine, which I THINK were supposed to be for a Classic (because they were OEM boards), but I am not 100% certain. In any case, they fit perfectly - a drastic improvement in comfort, in my opinion - they bolted right on in place of the pegs. I don't have the heel-toe shifter, but I think I've read here that it will transfer over.

  3. Croz61

    So you didn't need to buy any special connectors, etc? Makes sense they'd be as standard as possible. Thanks for the info!

  4. aarona

    And the heal-toe shifter will fit right on also i have one on mine

  5. Croz61

    and the heal-toe shifter will fit right on also i...


  6. bkman

    So you didn't need to buy any special connectors, etc?...

    Nope, it was literally a ten-minute install.

  7. aarona

    I used the afterMarget boards for the custom and I have a friend who has a classic and did not use the heal so we swaped. It is on the top of my list for things i have done to my bike.

  8. Jon632

    I did this exact thing to my custom. It's all pretty much just bolt on. Just make sure you have every part off of the classic.

  9. Croz61

    I did this exact thing to my custom. It's...

    What do you mean by 'every part?' What more than the actual floorboard is necessary? Because I'm going to have to buy the boards from a dealer, and want to make sure I have every part I need.

  10. aarona

    What he is saying is the bracket that mounts the boards to the frame. If you get the boards that are made for the custom you don't need to get a new bracket. Those are what I put on mine it cost me around $160 but there not as heavy nore are that spring loaded like the factory boards on a classic.

  11. Croz61

    What he is saying is the bracket that mounts the...

    OK. I had no idea there were boards made for the custom. I was referring to putting classic boards on the custom, but it's more about getting boards. There are boards for the custom?

  12. aarona

    Yes...look at my bike in my link below "project lowlife"

  13. Jon632

    Yes if you want the boards off a classic you need the mounting brackets and heel toe shifter cause I found that the shifter from a custom will not work with classic boards. Not if you wear steel toe boots that is.

    I had the afterMarget OEM boards made for customs but I didn't like them. As aaron said, they are lighter and not spring loaded. And they stick out somewhat far and the gap between the frame and board is big. I kept stepping on the gap rather than the board itself. I got the entire assembly from a classic on ebay for about $75 and I couldn't be happier.

  14. Fulldild1

    Yeah thats why the boards have heel/toe shifters all the shifting is done from on top of the shifter.


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