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Chrome Headlight for 950

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  1. yhoower

    If you've ever considered switching to a chrome headlight on your 950, there are a couple of sellers on E-bay right now selling them for $60 (MSRP is $85). I picked one up yesterday that even had free shipping. These are OEM replacements that are also available on the Yamaha Accessories Site.

  2. recumpendpop

    Does chrome make the light Brighter ??

  3. Rop123

    I bet it's a PITA to change them out.

  4. yhoower

    Well it won't be the easiest mod you'll ever do Rob but it really wasn't too bad. If you decide to do it let me know and I'll give you a couple of tips to make it easier.

  5. Rop123

    I'll probably stick with my black cherry headlight bowl. If I add any more chrome or mods, I'll need to re-adjust the suspension....LOL

  6. yhoower

    I'll probably stick with my black cherry headlight bowl. If...

    I need to think about that. The new fairing is going to add twenty pounds to the front of my bike.

  7. Rop123

    Seriously 20 lbs. !?!?

    That sounds like a lot of weight. If that's accurate I'm going to assume you'll feel it when turning at slow speeds.....but that's just a guess. 20 lbs is a lot of weight although I think the weight is fairly far aft and not too close to the front axel.

  8. yhoower

    Seriously 20 lbs. !?!?That sounds like a lot of weight....

    Well that's what the manufacturer said. I haven't actually weighed it myself. But your correct, most of the weight is between the axle and the triple tree. It will take some getting used to at slow speeds.

    But then again when I shipped my windshield it was 13 lbs and that's only a 7 lbs difference.

  9. loscayun

    I would bet on 20, once you add up radio and all the extras.

  10. pfeehan98

    I have been thinking about changing to the chrome headlight bucket but I can not seem to find the item on ebay. Can you give me the link or tell me what you searched under?
    All the best

  11. SkdMige

    I bet it's a PITA to change them out....

    No it's not Rob. I replaced mine last May, took me about one hour to complete the job. The chrome headlamp bucket is feather light, does'nt weigh more than the stock one and may even be a tad lighter.

  12. Rop123

    What I'd really like to find is a chrome headlight visor that will fit or even could be rigged to make it work. I have OEM visors on my passing lights but have been told that due to the design of the 950's headlight the visors can't be added.

  13. freezbirid

    What I'd really like to find is a chrome headlight...

    pfeehan98 seems to have one on his bike

  14. Rop123

    well he must have made it or fabricated an existing one to work......I'd be curious to learn more.

  15. yhoower

    well he must have made it or fabricated an existing...

    I'm pretty sure I've seen some available on E-bay for the 950, give that a try.

  16. Rop123

    Well past research has shown that the gap (or lack of a gap) between the lens and the headlight trim will not allow for a visor.

    The ones on Ebay, I've seen, don't specifically say that they will fit the 950.

  17. pfeehan98

    pfeehan98 seems to have one on his bike...

    I have a universal 5.75" visor; sorry I don't recall who made it. But I am pretty sure I picked it up on ebay. Unfortunately it does not really fit the bike. It is attached directly to the headlight using double sided automotive tape. It was installed about 5,000 km ago and seems to still be firmly stuck in place. It is not the ideal solution. I would rather have one that fit the bike.


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