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Choice of exhaust

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  1. mvajld1

    I know that everyone has their own taste, but just wondering who makes the best sounding exhaust for the 1100? V&H, Cobra or HK. Thanks for the input.

  2. Snufftokk

    I just installed a set of V&H Classic II slipons on my 07 1100 silverado. Paid 265.00 for them. What a huge difference in sound, like night and day. I leave for work fairly early in the mornings and sometimes worry about the neighbors not liking them. NAH! I don't like their loud music at night either, so we're even. Try to find sound clips of pipes, one will call you by name.

    Ride Safe

  3. mvajld1

    Thanks for the feedback I really thank you. I am wanting the get the best sounding pipes out there. Thanks

  4. vheelz

    I also installed the V&H slip ons. When I first started the bike I was blown away by how much better and louder it sounded. Been riding with them for a while now and I guess that I have gotten used to them. They don't seem as loud as the swap day. Maybe that is because there is so much difference from stock.
    All that said, I really like the sound and although there may not be any real power gain you sure do feel like there is. I notice also that other traffic hears the bike now.
    Bang for the buck, slip ons are the way to go unless you plan to add an air kit, jets and full exhaust to increase performance.

  5. kamezbanger

    I have V & H on my bike and they sound GREAT. I get compliments on them ALL the time. My buddy was sick when he heard mine next to his Harley Softtail.

  6. 1CuzdominFL

    Check out the PCS monster 2 into 1. I think they look awesome, and I would think that with a pipe that big, the sound should be really deep and rumbly.

  7. Riblej

    Cobra Speedster Longs sound great. They have the cross port in themso that work more like a 2 into one. and thats good. did have a problem with the chrome on the tips, but thats covered under warranty. get some.

  8. quicgmicg

    Check out the PCS monster 2 into 1. I think they look awesome, and I would think that with a pipe that big, the sound should be really deep and rumbly.
    They sound incredible

  9. wzdar6

    i have the cobra dragsters. i like the sound ,they look great. the tips really dress them up for a nice look. i didn't remove the baffles,they are plenty loud if you want them to be!! with a twist of the throttle they really "bark" at higher RPM's.

  10. mvajld1

    Thanks to everyone for helping me out.

  11. wzdartan

    I have just had the Cobra speedster slashdowns installed on my new '07 Classic. I think they look great and sound very nice. I do not think they are extremely loud, but they have a nice deep tone and are fairly loud during acceleration. Does anyone know if and how one might be able to remove the baffles on these pipes just to see how they would sound without them? Just curious!

  12. mvajld1

    I'm not sure on the cobras. Most have a screw or can be drilled at the bottom of each pipe. Take a look and see what you got on the under side of each pipe. Hope it helps alittle.

  13. pizlej4

    I did the Cobra slashdowns and the Max Air kit at the same time. The Cobra are not as loud as the V&H, but the rumble is really a nice deep tone. They sound really good when you hammer the throttle on a nice long straight away


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