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  1. kriselcoogie


    Kinda long to paint the picture...

    I recently took my 07 1100 Classic to the shop because the throttle stuck on me while I was riding this past Saturday. I was in fifth gear, gave it a little to pass up a van so I wasn't riding next them, and when I eased off the throttle, nothing happened. I used the kill switch and coasted to side of the road. When I pulled the clutch in before killing the engine, the engine increased it's rpm and was practically screaming as if I was full throttle.

    After some monkeying, I eventually got it going and took it to the dealership - I ended up playing with the idle adjustment as well as the throttle cable adjustment long enough to get it to idle down enough to ride.

    To me the bike idles high when I've been riding and come to a stop, clutch engaged, first gear. The engine seems to be high rpm and only seems to idle down when I put it in neutral.

    Dropping the bike off at the dealership, I put it in first gear, to take to the bay behind the building, and let out the clutch. After getting going, I let go of the throttle and the bike ran on it's own.

    Dealership has called and said they've adjusted the idle. I'm assuming the knob only. I asked them to have the mechanic ride it longer than just around the town - less than 45 mph - and let me know if he experiences what i'm describing - high idle at stops. They say he took it down to the next town and back, with no high idle.

    Now I've asked them two things - if there was a way to check the idle adjustment with a tach (the rear cylinder according to clymers manual) and if the carbs are properly synced. I recently only got about 140 miles from a tank of gas. I expected higher than that. Could be my sometimes late shift points not maximizing engine speed/torque.

    What I want to know from the groups' experience, when they tell me the only way they can check synch is with a gas analysis (exhaust hookup, ohm meter, etc) is it correct information? Same for the idle adjustment. They told me the clymers manual is different than a yamaha trained mechanic using that equipment.

    I know there is a difference, but isn't the rpm easily checked with a tach like the manual said? I doubt a company could continue to operate a business printing bad information. Nobody would purchase the repair manuals.

    This is my first bike and they've stated there are normal noises from these vstars. Other than those noises they just keep running with very little problem. Am I just too new to the bike and riding in general to understand what is considered normal idle, etc.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. khunder102

    To me the bike idles high when I've been riding...

    issue stated in first paragraph quoted above - that sounds really weird to me. Is this something that just happened out of the blue, or has the bike always been that way? The only thing I can think of is that the throttle is sticking at the carburetor, or the throttle cable itself is sticking. Either of these situations seem unlikely to me on a bike that new.

    As regards the carb synch and idle adjustment - I synch the carbs on my '05 1100 Classic with a vacuum gauge. I set the idle by ear, and the bike runs great. If you want to have the idle exactly to spec, then you'd use a tach. Maybe the stealer's mechanics have different methods. Maybe they're trying to rip you off. I'd take the bike somewhere else - like a reputable independent shop.


  3. kriselcoogie

    Thanks for the reply.

    I picked the bike up on Saturday and rode it home, about 35 miles. The only thing they did was turn down idle using the adjustment screw. I had it adjusted too high by comparison.

    Now I know how it should sound and can get back to focusing on riding and finding accessories.

  4. quicgmicg

    Thanks for the reply.I picked the bike up on Saturday...



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