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  1. modotan

    Hello, Just bought a silverado 650 as my first bike and only have about 140 miles on it so far. After 2 weeks of being unable to ride I decided to take it for a short spin just to chase any spiders away. It was about 55 degrees outside and I started the bike as usual with choke. After about a minute the throttle seemed responsive so I proceeded to pull onto the highway which is at the end of a short driveway. Within a half mile down the road I was at about 55 mph and the check engine light came on. I pulled off the highway and turned around to head back home. When there, I turned the bike off, checked the oil level, then restarted the check engine light so I proceded to leave again. As before, within seconds of going into 5th gear the light came on again. So, I turned around and headed back. This time on the way back the light went out and stayed out so I rode a few miles and returned home. About an hour later I tried it again but no light came on. Can I assume the oil was cold and oil pressure was too high and activated a check engine light or are there other problems that I should take the bike back to the Yamaha dealer to check out?

  2. MigejCojode

    The check engine light on this bike is hooked up to the throttle position sensor and the speedo, don't ask me why but that's all it checks. All it reads how is whether or not your throttle position is correct for your speed. Oil pressure is never read (foolish IMHO).

    You likely have a wire off at the Throttle position sensor or the speedo. check that service manual on how to get at both.


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