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  1. bufbills11

    my policy is up tomorrow and im wonering who you guys use.

  2. quicgmicg

    I've got Progressive right now....

  3. bufbills11

    yea me too. probably will stay with them. its about 500 for full coverage.

  4. rzchafer2

    Progressive as well. I have State Farm for everything else, but Progressive gives me more bang for the buck for motorcycles.

  5. aogzz

    Nationwide for my 07 custom.
    211.00 full year, full coverage
    State Farm everything else. i think state farm hate to insure bikes they was the highest of anybody.

  6. 78ordon

    I am with Progressive. For me it's $125.00 a year for full coverage on my 07 Classic. Rates are oing to vary from location to location and driving records of course.

  7. 78ordon

    Nationwide for my 07 custom.211.00 full year, full coverageState Farm...

    I tried to insure my bike with Allstate since everything else is and the rate was ridiculous!

  8. tunc

    cant give you any help with who to go with for the insurance
    i am insured here
    make sure whoever you go with is a reliable company
    do they cover you in all states [some dont ]or run you around about this
    and if there is something you want to claim for they will cover that
    make sure all accessories are put down [bags/bars any mods or accessories you have ]if you want to get all the money you have put into it back
    if you have to get repairs do they have specific repairers only that can do the work or can it go to who you want to do the job
    my other half works in the insurance game and its all about reading the fine print to see that your covered for what you think you are

    sometimes the cheaper insurance will come back to bite ya when you dont want the extra hassle if something does occur
    just my 2 cent
    thats the best advice i can offer

  9. aogzz

    I tried to insure my bike with Allstate since everything...

    I know the feeling.... I figured hell i got 2 cars full coverage 1 truck full coveage and another truck with the min. i can have by state law and the house thou. state farm, so i figured they would give me a good rate LMAO

  10. 78ordon

    I know the feeling.... I figured hell i got 2...

    I have 2 cars and my house with Allstate and have been for years. I shopped around and Progressive beat them all with 3K accessory coverage to boot!

  11. Greatscott53

    Geico gave me the best rate.

  12. wildcatf5

    I'm on a 650 Custom, but thought I would chime in...

    I have Progressive for the bike and USAA for everything else.
    I have been impressed already with Progressive after my accident last September. The insurance company of the cager that caused the accident was a joke, at best. Progressive came to my house, wrote up an estimate and wrote me 2 checks before leaving (one for the bike repairs and another for the safety equipment I was wearing). Two weeks later, I received yet another check to cover my deductible.

    I suppose that I will renew in the spring.

  13. yhoower

    Question about your coverage. How many of you are carrying personal injury coverage and what does that cost?

  14. wildcatf5

    When I had the wreck recently, I utilized the resources of my medical insurance at work. Since I had already been to the ER and my insurance was already involved, I opened a subrogation claim. My insurance took care of all claims and billed the other company for reimbursement.

  15. zhifdhabbj6

    Question about your coverage. How many of you are...

    I am with Nationwide and my coverage is as follows...
    Liability 500K
    Medical 5K (max)
    Uninsured 500K
    Roadside assist. Incl.
    Full replacement Incl.
    Including all afterMarget parts

    $600.00 yr

  16. Liwezdeam5

    Progressive. Best deal with better than basic coverage for a new bike and rider in New Jersey.

  17. auwing1642

    Dozens of variables here but I have my home, cars, umbrella and 1100 all with Allstate. $167 annual for the 1100, comp/collision $250 much uninsured/underinsured as I could buy. My bike was with Progressive for years....well over 200 bucks. Washington State. It is difficult to compare on a nationwide me....30 years retired with Travelers Insurance

  18. 78ordon

    Dozens of variables here but I have my home, cars,...

    Funny isn't it? I'm with Allstate as well and just South of you in Oregon and they wanted like $500.00 a year for my 1100.

  19. aogzz

    Dozens of variables here but I have my home, cars,...

    The lady at nationwide told me age has its advantage, it has alot to do with rates.
    sooo... I don't know how to take that really LOL.
    I like getting cheaper rates!! But I dont wanna get OLDER thou.

  20. 78ordon

    The lady at nationwide told me age has its advantage,...

    I'll take the age bennies, but I am only as old as I feel! Somedays older than others.


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