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?cheap air cleaner?

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  1. pocomo1064cuzdom

    I have been tearing down my 01 1100 custom, doing a few upgrades before the riding season here. I blew most of my mad money on a set of curburner exhaust (that still isn't here yet) and some sweet radius drag bars. I aso got a rejet kit and an AIS removal system.
    This is the problem, I haven't got any money left for the BAK or the Hypercharger!
    Can anyone of my YMF brotherine help me build a better than stock air cleaner on a budget?
    How do the UNI-PODs work?
    Any ideas you may have, or methods tried would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sduplyumbr

    I just put a K&N filter on my bike and that made a difference. I see on ebay someone is selling instructions on how to increase the air flow to the carbs. Looks like the just cut out a hole in the air box and put a piece of screen over it to keep out the big bugs out. Have you tried a search on here? Someone might have something.

  3. Jonezpoj

    I drilled 1/2" holes in the back of my Road Star OEM air cleaner box. Don't drill inside the filter area, made a big differance.

  4. kzdar37

    Here is a to an article on the ISRA website about opening up the stock intake. This is a similar process to the "procedure" being sold on ebay...


  5. pocomo1064cuzdom

    Thanks for everyones input.


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