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Changing of the tires.

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  1. virefaceone

    Any of you out there ever changed out a tire on a bike yourself? Is getting the old tire off of the rim and the new one back on something that is difficult enough that it has to be taken somewhere and put on a tire machine like you do with a car or balancing issues aside is it possible to get the tires on and off yourself without wanting to punch yourself in the eye with a small hammer? I just hate the idea of paying for over priced services but sometimes thats the only way. By the way, on ebay right now they have the Kenda Cruiser 671 and 673 rear tires in our size for $74 and $77 and that includes the shipping,pretty decent deal when you figure the shipping price if you dont have a decent honest dealership near by.

  2. Jonezpoj

    You might check around as we have independents around here the charge $35 and hour to do tire work. Took mine in off the bike and the dealer charged $15 to R&R the tires. good luck.


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