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Changing belt pulley on 950

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  1. melzul

    To make motor run at lower rpm's on highway plus more gas mileage, can the belt ratio on the rear end be changed? If so, do you know of pulley available and manufacturer?

  2. Numper5

    This has been discussed in the following thread

    I haven't checked back on the thread in the last day or so, but the last I read was that at this point there is no replacement pully in production. One poster or another stated that he was in contact with a possible develper of such a product and they were looking for someone to send them an OEM pully in order to aid in the development of a pulley to lower the RPMs.

    I'm sure it will happen, the question is when. This is still a new model we have and it may take some time for aftermarket products to come out in a big way.

    Hope this helps,


  3. melzul

    Thanks for the info. Will keep track of this.


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