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Changing bars, need some feedback

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  1. viltirizhman

    Ok guys,

    I'll admit I'm somewhat "impulsive" when it comes to adding accessories to my Irish ride but here is the deal. I purchased a set of Baron Drag bars with 4 inche rise and 5 1/2 inch pullback. These look great and are beefy 1 1/4 inch which adds confidence in general. My problem is that on long rides they kill my lower back and arms as I lean slightly forward. So I decided to purchase the following
    Baron Custom Nostalgia Bar . Does anyone have these and if so what size riser do you have them attached with or to? I'm thinking I can use my stock risers being that this bar is one inch in diameter? Below is the picture of the bars I recently purchased. If anyone would like my old set (4 months old) just pm and I'll make a suggestion on the price. Thanks to those that respond!


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