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Caption for this pic?

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  1. TribleM

  2. kamezbanger

    "Does my butt make my back look hairy?"

  3. retzdaret

    I have got to get a new seat for that bike!

  4. MorkKW

    Here's what it looks like to me:
    ....just completed a ride thru The Dragon on their 1300 while riding in the rain on stock tires with 12,000 miles on them.

  5. TSdar

    What do you mean I need a colonoscopy

  6. MigejCojode

    Joining YMF = Free

    Becomie a YMF moderator = Be in the right place at the right time

    Complete 2700 posts = Time baby lots of time

    What your ass looks like after a winter moderating


  7. ROB2

    Hey buddy,HEY BUDDY,Please help me POP this ingrown hair!!!!

    YOU like big butts and you can not lie,

  8. maxcruizer

    Looks like King Kong's girlfriend to me.


  9. ft38278



    "Thanks for pulling that banana out now you better run"

  10. kamezbanger

    How bout..."Man, I lost my keys AGAIN!"

  11. RotS

    I think I'm ready for the Iron Butt Rally.

  12. 9Sdarz

    "Does anyone else smell poop?"

  13. psibbi

    These long rides are killing me. Does anyone know of a cure for monkey butt.

  14. Lucgj574

    "Coco displays classic symptoms of anal-retentive behavior."

  15. TRiter

    " I told the Doc butt reduction....I wanted a BUTT REDUCTION!!!"

  16. yaro

    Happy Valentine

  17. Lrtoflamancha

    does this photo make my butt look fat?

  18. zhifdhabbj6

    The Zoo Keeper always told me to smile when my picture was being taken.

  19. chaser38

    "If I just keep pretending to read this banana, maybe Ruby will leave me alone for 5 minutes....."

  20. MorkKW

    Hey, 13.

    My wife and I both cracked (no pun intended) up big time. That was WAY TOO FUNNY!!



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