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capping the studs

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  1. VzdarManiac

    is there anyway to cap the studs? I'm getting a 2004 roadstar midnight tomorrow and although I love the bike, the backrest and seats are studded, and I'm just not a fan of it. So what are my options? I guess I could always find someone to trade the seat and backrest straight up with someone.

  2. wzdar6

    manic i have the opposite problem i bought a mustang seat with studs and my bags are plane. it doesn't look too bad with the plane bags. haven't had time to put on the studs. still trying to decide where to place them. don't want to cause pain to my wife's leg when riding 2-up. i didn't want studs either in the begining. but they grew on me while studying on which seat to order. i've got 80 studs to install. that's 160 hole to punch.think i'll wait for a all day rain to install. pretty weather is too precious to waste on enhancement. i'm itching to ride.


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