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  1. gewin7

    hello. does anyone know which is better between the Chubby air intake system and the maxair intake system for the v-star 1100?

  2. zvambrad

    They look about the same. I went with the Max Air myself cause it was cheaper. Guys on the Delphi forums rave about both. I don't think it matters which one you go with. They all do the same thing to open up the air flow.

    Another one to look at is Dragon's Breath

  3. bkman

    I have the Maxair, too. I really like it a lot. It works well right out of the box and required very little adjustment once installed. The instructions are great and so is the support. I know alomst nothing about carb adjustment, but I followed the instructions and had no trouble.

  4. gewin7

    thanks guys. I am starting to lean towards the Max.

  5. etkar

    i have MAX AIR too, love it. its easy to install,it may look alittle intimidating at first but its really not. they even have a forum to help you out if have any questions.

  6. khunder102

    I have the Maxair on mine too - installed it this spring with the Cobra HP-Pro 2-1 pipe before the warm weather hit (That's April up here in central New York, you Southern guys). It just plain rocks!


  7. bkman

    When the warm weather hits, huh? I don't know if I could own a bike in the North - it would be too depressing to see it sitting all Winter. I lived in PA most of my life and never had a bike.

    I guess it all evens out, though, because I haven't been able to ride for about a week now thanks to Faye. I hope this next storm goes somewhere else.

  8. LiddleBen

    Iwent with The thundercharger. Checkout : I think or googlr thundercharger. great performance. good looks. Just a thought

  9. wzdartan

    I read a quite a few of the posts on the Delphi forum. It is also a very good source of information on the V-Star's. I have not read one bad review on the "Chubby" pod setup by S&S or the "Dragons Breath" from Metric Magic. The support is stated to be outstanding. Shane with S&S is reputed as being a outstanding individual and a great assistant in final tuning the bike after the install. I beleive the filters on the "Chubby setup are a bit larger than the "Maxair" and therefore need to be cleaned less often.
    Metric Magic's Tim B. is also reputed as being an outstanding individual and a great source of support after the sale. His return posts on the forum stand as proof of this. I believe with any of the air kits or pod setups, quality support after the sale is critical. None of the setups appear to be "cookie cutter" and differ slightly from bike to bike. Therefore having an experts support when you need it is priceless.
    There are many air kit and pod setups on the market for these bikes as well as a lot of good D.Y.I. information for those who wish to save a few bucks. But...unless you have a very strong knowledge base or access to one regarding carb setups, support after the sale is critical. J.M.H.O. Good luck!

  10. gewin7

    thanks guys for the info, I am glad I have to wait a little longer before I get one, I hear good on both max and chubby. hopefully I can contact both and they can help me decide, has anyone talk to them before they purchased one. they do look almost alike. still trying to decide on exhaust also, cobrs speedsters long, or cobra powerpro 2into 1. with kids, I really have only one chance at this as far as having the money, so thats why i cant decide.

  11. wzdartan

    I put the Cobra speedster slashdowns on my Classic. I chose them because I prefer the 2 into 2 look. They are also rated to have nearly the exact performance characteristics as a 2 into 1 system. Exhaust is very subjective to the individuals taste, and there are a lot of great systems out there. You can visit some manufacturers websites to hear sound bytes of the exhaust, but the sound over most computers is somewhat misleading. The best is to listen in person. This website will give you some idea as to how some systems are rated by consumer feedback Take your time and shop around. I have a little one also, and spending that kind of money twice because you were very unhappy with your initial choice would suck! I hope this gives you some help!

  12. gewin7

    well I got the Cobra speedster longs, still waiting to purchase the intake. this is going to kill me to have to wait to put the exhaust on. but I dont want to rejet twice so I will have to be patient.


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