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Can you use 87 octane fuel?

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  1. MorkKW


    Putting anything more than regular in our bike is 100% unnecessary. Our bike, I can absolutely assure you, will actually run better and have more power with reg than with either mid-grade or premium.


  2. Peapotj


    No problem, but when I fill up, I fill the bike to or just over the base of the splash guard or what ever they call the bottom of the filler sleeve. So when I say "only 3 gallons" I mean 3 gallons is all it will take before hitting the little bleeder that diverts the extra fuel to the ground without coating the motor with flammable liquids. I haven't modified the filler cap yet (I don't honestly know what that involves) but you are right about it being the price we pay for a very cool and sleek looking fuel tank.

    You have a fun, safe holiday weekend too, Morg.

  3. VRIDER686

    i put 3 tanks of 88 octane through this weekend, it ran better on the lower octane than on premium, also my light came on consistantly at 160 miles
    and required 3.4 to 3.7 gallons, so i beleive my gas light to be working just

    ps. there was a MARKED improvement in performance with the lower octane fuel.

  4. nvquatriterz

    I'm running 87 in mine now too. Runs just fine, no change in performance or mileage.

  5. tinomo1172

    To all of you guru's out there discussing about the amount of fuel you can pour in your tank.

    I have read the newer replies in this section, and noticed they have been talking about punching holes in the filler neck, which will increase the amount of fuel you can get in the tank.

    What this does, is it allows the air bubbles to escape caused by the speed ini which you pump the fuel into your tank.

    Thus allowing for more liquid space to be filled by a liquid as opppsed to the air which is being placed into the tank.

    My understanding of this matter is to make at least 1 hole in the top of the filler neck.

    Reading is wisdom

  6. BainDramake

    Here are a couple of photos of my mod. One hole works fine. After the fuel filler shuts off (senses a full tank), I lift the filler out of my tank and hold the handle in about 1/3 of the way to reduce the flow. It takes about 20-30 seconds to fill my tank to the rim while on its kickstand.

    I go to about 170 miles before low-fuel lights goes on, and at that mileage it takes about 4 gallons of fuel.

    Hope this helps.



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