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Can Running Lean cause Damage?

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  1. twmohz

    I bought my wife a new 2009 v-star 650 custom and hated the sound of the stockers, so I put on the cobra dragsters on and love the sound. My first question, Is the bike now running lean? and if so, what damage could be done?

    Second, should I spend the $$$ for a jet kit, would it run better? and how hard is it to Install?

    Thx for the info in advance.

  2. 4mrAkankmpr

    It is common opinion that 650s with just slip on exhausts don't need rejetting unless the intake is modified. However, these bikes are setup from the factory to run a bit lean.

  3. girgnt1zbt

    Since you only changed exhaust, you should be fine with stock jets. If you decide to rejet though, I recommend getting everything you need (including the stainless screws) from Ziv.


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