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Camping stories good and bad!

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  1. calkarjantrev

    hey everyone was just looking at a thread about camping equiptment and naturally there were a few stories on there that really made me laugh. So I figured I would start up this thread to hear everyones camping stories good and bad
    So with that I'll start.
    This last year decided to go camping labour day weekend in the banff/ lake louise area came prepared with my shorts and t shirt, ended up snowing. Was freezing cold and to finish it off it rained the last couple days was soaking wet and freezing cold.... needless to say i have to step up my game this year as that was my wifes first time camping, she wasnt to impressed......

  2. bkman

    ...i have to step up my game this year as that was my wifes first time camping, she wasnt to impressed...
    Man, I HOPE our first camping trip goes better than that! We're heading out for a couple days in April, which should be plenty warm in Florida. I bought an extra-large tent (the biggest I can pack on a bike) and I plan on taking her out to breakfast and dinner every day (so there's no cooking involved). Also, this trip will only take us about two hours from home, so we can always just ride back home if things get too ugly. All I know is that ONE bad camping experience for my wife will mean some cheap, slightly-used camping gear in the hock shop. Keep your eyes peeled.

  3. zhovman

    I have yet to take the bike on a camping trip. If I had a way of taking the Bikes, the Boat, the Camper, I would in a heartbeat. Hmm, maybe one day we will have enough money (LOL) to afford a Class A Toy Hauler and be able to do all that. As for now, we have had a time or two with the camper that has been less than great (water line busted, flooded the living room floor. Nephew got locked in the bathroom because he twisted the knob off the door.). Gave up tent camping a long time ago when I found out I could "Rough It Smoothly".

  4. 4mrAkankmpr

    Back in '88 I rode my '85 Honda VF700 Saber to Kissimee, FL from Dallas ,TX. I had intended to camp out at KOA campgrounds on the way. Only problem was , that by the time I was ready to stop for the night, it was dark and all the KOA billboards weren't lighted. Ended up staying in motels, one of which allowed me to park my bike INSIDE the room! When I got to the Kissimee KOA, I pitched my nylon pup tent in the tenting area and proceeded to go to my destination-Walt Disney World! Coming back after dark (the campground provided double-decker bus service to the attractions) I was walking to a nearby WaffleHouse for dinner. There was swampland on either side of the road, and I had my flashlight along for obvious reasons, when I shone my light out into said swamp. Of course, I spotted the glowing eyes of a croc' or 'gator, and suddenly realized my vulnerability in that flimsy tent. This was before CHL, but, travelling alone, I was carrying. You can bet I slept (uneasily) with that handgun close to hand!

  5. Shebhertezz

    OK this one isn't bike related but it's the only good story I've got. When we were camping when our kids were young, our 4 year old daughter somehow got locked in the Ford Areostar van (which has since gone to the big junkyard in the sky but not before my son inherited it and totalled it). The van was parked beside our campsite on a road that was facing downhill with a turn to the left. Suddenly the van started rolling and we ran after it. My husband tried to open the driver's door but it was locked. So here he was holding onto the door handle and trying to hold the van back...

    The worse part was that it was headed straight for someone's big brand new travel trailer. We all were frozen watching in terror (except my husband who was still trying to stop the van but was only being dragged by it....) Suddenly the van turned and hit a tree dead centre - just before the trailer. We never repaired the dent. But after that, we always made sure the van was kept locked AFTER the kids were cleared out.


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