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  1. hengemm

    hey everyone, new to the site. wondered if anyone can help me out. bought a v star 1100 custom in california. it is a 2005. noticed that alot of exhaust systems "will not work" on a california model bike. is this an emissions thing and if so do i need to worry about it now that i live in South Carolina. also i bought a baron oil filter relocation kit. the jardine kit says i need a canister relocation bracket. i dont see a canister on my bike that needs relocating. wondered how i can tell if my bike is a california model for sure. thanks in advance, matt

  2. tunc

    dont know what the diff is in the models over there but im sure someone has done the same thing to a cal model

    wierd havin diff models in the same country
    the laws are dumb
    did the baron kit come with instructions
    if so id just follow theres

  3. girgnt1zbt

    I think it's just emission stuff, because of the strict emissions laws in CA. I don't see any problem with running non CA pipes on a CA model though, but it may not work, I don't know for sure.

  4. bkman

    I think ALL V-Star 1100 models were 50-state after 2005 (they ran leaner and had a catalyst exhaust system). So, with regard to exhaust systems and carb parts (jets, needles and such), you are probably safe if you buy parts for 2006 or later.

    The canister you refer to is probably for a 650cc fitment. They DO have some sort of "canister" up in front of the engine, and that would probably interfere with ORK and exhaust installation.

  5. hengemm

    yeah it is wierd about the models i know in some other countries the v star is called the drag star. yeah the baron kit came with instructions. havent gotten a chance to change it yet. wanted to get some pipes and do everything at once.

  6. hengemm

    thanks guys for your input. i didnt think it would be a problem either to use any pipe beings as i dont live in california anymore. but if anyone knows for sure that there could be issues please let me know. think i will just check the bike over and see if there are any plugs on the stock exhaust and go from there. also was wondering what the main difference was in regards to performance when it comes to slip-ons vs full exhaust systems

  7. bkman

    i didnt think it would be a problem either to use any pipe...
    Just remember that the exhaust mounting brackets are different on the catalyst bikes (2004-2005 in California, and all of them after the 2006 model year). Other than that, you shouldn't have much trouble.

    With regard to performance, I can't say what effect slip-ons would have because I never used them. I do know that one of the most effective performance mods you can do on the V-Star is an intake kit. The OEM intake (as you may already know) is rather restrictive, and opening that up can change the whole personality of the bike. I went with a full exhaust AND an intake kit at the same time. My bike was bone stock before this, so I could tell right away what these mods did for my machine. I couldn't be happier - the performance increase was dramatic. I think the biggest difference between slip-on mufflers and a whole exhaust is the diameter of the pipes. Full exhausts tend to have larger header pipes, which allow for more flow (and, by extension, more HP potential).

  8. hengemm

    what jet kit did you use and did you have to drill the carbs out for the new jets also what is the best air intake kit on the market right now? i was lookin at the baron BAK or the kuryakyn hyperchargers.

  9. CuzdomVzdar105

    I don't mean to hijack the thread but I would also would like to know what kind of air kit and such to put on a 1100 custom '08. I don't know what pipes to put on the bike but I think I'm leaning towards a full system like the HardKrome Strippers instead of slips ons. I assume it would be cheaper to rejet the bike once instead of just putting the pipes on and then getting an air kit next year and regetting it again.


  10. bkman

    what jet kit did you use and did you have to drill the carbs out for the new jets
    I did the Maxair kit with Cobra HP 2-int0-1 exhaust (it's in my sig).

    There's no drilling required with the Maxair, but it ain't cheap.

    As far as what is "the best", just call each of the manufacturers and ask them - they are sure to tell you .

    Really, I don't personally think there is any one "best" way to do this - it is just a matter of what you personally think is best for you. Some kits may work better with specific exhausts. The Maxair kit is known to work very well with the Roadhouse 2-into-1 exhaust, for example. I can personally attest to the fact that it works very well with the Cobra 2-into-1 as well. I chose Maxair because I didn't want to do any permanent modifications to my carbs. Also, because the product and the customer support got such good reviews everywhere I looked.

    Between the lot of us here, I think just about every combination has been tried. I am sure others will chime in and relate their experiences to you. It DOES make sense to do pipes and an intake at the same time, in my opinion, because you only have to tune the bike once. Just remember that, with the V-Stars, you sometimes have to factor in an oil filter relocation kit when you do an aftermarket exhaust. Some aftermarket exhausts make oil changes a real big nightmare without and ORK.

    Good luck to you, and welcome to the forum. This is, without a doubt, the cleanest, most decent user group I've ever encountered. There are some good folks here, to be sure, but remember that everyone has their own bias (including me) and you have to weigh their comments against your own personal preferences and standards.


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