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Buying a V-Star.

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  1. 2clazzic

    I just bought my 2007 1100 classic for $6600 off ebay. It had 2600 miles on it. Luckily it was only 4 miles from my house, so I could inspect and test drive. I don't think I could buy one from another state on ebay unless it was from a dealership with warranty.


  2. jmadd3

    I got my 06 Custom in May for 6k.. It had 5k miles on it, and it already had pipes on it. Im not sure what kind they are though. I will have to take a picture and see if you guys can help me out.

  3. kamezbanger

    someone was talking about buying an 1100 for their wife...this looks like a decent deal...saw it on ebay, it is in Kentucky I think. The buy it now is $4900.



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