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  1. lapier123

    I am going to be buying a Stryker in the Austin, San Antonio area in the next few weeks... This will be my first on road bike and I cant wait to get out on the road. My question having never bought a new bike before and the stryker being new to the market, What kind of deals should I be looking for? Can I expect to talk them down on msrp and tt&l? I already have the finances in line for the full price but if I can save some of that for intake and exhaust it would be nice.

    Thanks, Gary

  2. MorkKW

    It remains to be a 'buyer's market' and dealers continue to discount almost everything, including the Stryker. How much? That will depend upon the particular dealer in your area. Additionally, some dealers "pad" their profit margin by a few hundred bucks adding (false) charges and fees for the likes of "set-up" charges and "doc fees." Some dealers also charge for freight, while others do not. It's my total guess that you should find a price that's discounted by no less than $500 "without" having any additional unnecessalry 'padding' included and used to bump up the bottom-line price on that bike. An additional buyers' tool seen has been to have the dealer agree to allow the buyer purchase any accessory for their bike at a predetermined (%) discounted price.

    Good luck.

  3. BikRet

    You have your finances in order as in paying cash? If you are don't tell them that until you get the price you want. Use whatever you can to your advantage and don't act too interested. They have been doing it a lot longer than any of us so they smell when you BS them a mile away. They prey on the needy so as long as you only show them you want the bike they will do whatever it takes to make you need it. Go $500 - $1000 below what you are willing to pay then when they come down to meet you half way you're good. Just remember that the only thing they want is the sale and they will do anything to keep you from leaving empty handed.

  4. retzdarraiter

    offer the dealer 500-1000 less than they are asking and wait and see if they call you after a day or two. no? no dice! but its worth a try.

  5. lapier123

    Thanks for the help guys, hopefully I can go in and get a good deal on the bike

  6. zmogejyoe

    Talk "Out the Door" (OTD) price for you with the dealer, let them add up the tax, title, fees, etc.. Ask them for your OTD price then make a counter offer. Usually they don't include the Yamaha Extended Service (YES) in the OTD price so consider that if you are interested. Good luck, wishing you a great deal.

  7. RustyBaker67

    Dealer took $500 off on his first Quote for me when I was looking for mine.

  8. lapier123

    Thanks for all the replies. In your opinion would 10,000 out the door sound crazy? Also I was wondering if the crisis in Japan would have any effect on the price of the bike in the near future, seeing as they are a japan based company?

  9. RustyBaker67

    It is my understanding that the factory is shut down for lack of parts from suppliers that are GONE. I would guess the only bikes available are the at the dealers already. If you don"t have yours yet you better get it soon.

  10. CamoDeere

    Dealer was running a special(can't remember how much off MSRP) but when we called for a quote over the phone he gave us the price out the door but when we went to pick it up he forgot to add in sales tax, so he made the new price out the door the same he told us with the sales tax added in.

  11. RustyBaker67

    A good deal is a good deal no matter how you get it I guess. Congrats on your new Stryker.

  12. BuppaKahuna

    There is only a $200 cash back on Strykers right now and no dealer incentives so don't expect to walk out with the Deal Of The Century on one. It's also a new model and not the easiest to get in stock so don't be too bummed if you make an offer they turn down and don't call you back on.

    $500 off MSRP right now is about as good as you'll get unless your dealer screwed up ordering a Stryker somehow and needs to dump one. There isn't THAT much overhead on new Yamahas despite what some of the so-called 'experts' here tell you.

    As far as the Japan situation, prices are expected to go up in the next few months by several hundred dollars across the industry on all Japanese brands. Play hardball if you like, but deals are not going to be better in the middle of summer & supply lines are getting real short. Plenty of parts are available in the USA, but units are not.

  13. Motayahma81

    IMHO, you'll get the dealer to negoiate with you only if you convince them that you are financially able to actually buy that bike that day. They're not likely to let sure money walk away.

  14. yazonzdyohn2

    Stryker=Lucky, your gonna love it if you pay msrp or not, this thing dont need not aftermarket parts, so dont worry about it.


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