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Buck's Lowers

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  • Posted by charlezmardin
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  1. charlezmardin

    I just installed my lowers this morning. Very easy, took only minutes. I haven't rode tested them yet because of the weather. The quality of these things are awesome. They really set the looks of my fairing off. Thanks Buck.

  2. Svomacg

    How about some pictures buddy.
    I would like to see what you got going on.

  3. BigerDawe

    Do you have a Strat Custom or Strat S with OEM windshield?
    I would like to see pics also as I have been think about lowers for my bone stock Strat S.

  4. charlezmardin

    Just got back from a 60 mile trip with the bucks lowers. All i can say is wow. A defiNade improvement. No wind hitting the knees up to the shoulders. What a great product. Here is a pic.

  5. Svomacg

    Looks cool and if it works even better.
    Congrats Bro

  6. BarnacleBill

    I've had mine on for quite some time now but the weather hasn't let me try them out yet. The picture isn't very good but it was in the garage or out in the snow.

  7. drivinglessori92

    I've run them for a season and they work. The difference is amazing. Cuts the buffeting to near nothing.


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