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Bringing a soldier home.

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  1. 4mrAkankmpr

    I just hope (for their sake) those morons from that Kansas Baptist church that go to vets funerals and picket with signs saying " His death was God's curse on America" or some such @#$%^****! NEVER show up at any of these demonstrations of Final Honor! I think that the homicide squad would have to come to the cemetary (and Texas, being what it is, those doing harm to those kooks would most likely be no-billed)!

  2. THUNDER160

    we have buried a couple of our fine yong men here in this area, as i said eailer in this post i went to the airport and escorted the body home,, afterwards we started planning the escort for the funneral when we heard their may be some protesters bussed in needless to say that would really not be a good ideal on their part, we made sure that we had enough brothers on hand to deal with this and keep them away from family. also let it be known that we would be there and no bu==s=== would be tollerated...

  3. roukhriter8

    Alabama recently passed a law that basically prohibited protesting funerals of any kind. Its a new law that we need to get the judges opinion on. I think the closest they can get is 2000 feet. The last funeral we did for a soldier there were several protesters. Some motorcyclist with the strait pipes backed up to them that pretty much shut them up. Then the property owners where they were standing forced them of their property into the street. On the street we have disorderly conduct laws for impeding traffic. Surprisingly the local liberal papers did not even print a word about the protesters. Our TV stations are in Huntsville where there is alot of defense money from Redstone. They never do mention anything negative about the military.



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