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BreakAway Cruise Control

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  1. Squando

    It doesn't get in the way of the palm rests, as long as they are installed where they are supposed to be at the outside end of the grip.
    What I meant was, how well do the palm rests (without the cruise control) work as far as relieving hand stress on longer rides? I rarely have opportunity to set a cruise control for any particular speed for long. But I wouldn't mind some help at times.


  2. IntjRaiter

    I spoke to the local dealer and they say they work well with ISO Kuryakan aftermarket grip and the Breakaway website confrims that.
    True... But I was thinking more along the lines of Ness Tech Batistini grips, or the Hammer Customs flame impaler grips. I know they work with Iso's, but, for some reason, never have had the desire to put on ISO grips on my bikes. I'm sure they're comfy, and they don't look bad, just not doin it for me though.



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