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  1. 1662Ken

    Today I found (during my oil change procedure) that my rear brake fluid reservoir was near the low mark. My bike only has 5300 miles and this seemed low to me for this much fluid loss (aka-shoe wear). I checked my manual which states there are "wear indicators" on the brake shoes. I got my mirror out and laying on my back with the best flash light I own tried to determine if there are any of these wear indicators visible. As best I can see, there are not; but there also seems to be not less than 1/16" inch of brake pad material remaining if not more.

    Ok, here's the question, how many miles did you get or should I expect before replacing the brake pads? My observation was mostly on the rears because that reservoir was the low one. The front pads appear the same as the rears as best I can see.

  2. LiddleBen

    If you are a pretty heavy rear braker. I would say the rears need changing. By rear braker I mean someone who doesnt usually use both brakes to stop. I get about 8,000 mi. from a set of pads. The rear usually wears a little faster than the front. I usually inspect them when I need a rear tire and change them then if needed. I do a lot of 2 up riding in the mountains of North Carolina and Tenn.This might add to faster wear factor.I would rather change them a little early than risk grooving and possibly ruining a rotor. Pads are reasonably cheap compared th the cost of a new rotor. Just my thoughts,L.B.

  3. 1662Ken

    Thanks for the reply Ben. I do ride 2 up most of the time and am carrying 400 lbs in doing so. But I don't favor the rear brake. I try to work them together and if stopping in a hurry use the fronts harder. 5300 miles seems to soon to me. And how minimal can I go on the pads before it's dangerous to the rotors?

  4. LiddleBen

    I have never read the manual on this but I would say to be on the safe side about 1/4 to1/8th inch would be as far as I wanted to go. any more wear than that and you are cutting it close to no material left. I Run Bendix brand pads on my bike(s). they are about 35.00 per set for the rear and abt 60 ish for all four front pads. I get them from my local chopper shop. Price might have gone up since last year. Like I said about 8,000 mi for me. Others might do better with the wear factor. Good Luck.,L.B.

  5. A1zbordztat

    About 8000 miles and I had to replace both front and rear. I should have done it earlier, but was not aware how much they had worn. I almost always ride one up and brake front and rear equally.

  6. 1662Ken

    Another question has arisen here - I've been online at a couple of motorycle parts houses and they say, "sintered pads" for sale for my bike with a warning no to use them if the factory pads were not sintered. So do I have to take the origonals out to see or do any of you readers know the answer to this riddle? Thanks for the help.

  7. LiddleBen

    HI 1951 Ken, I did some research, and from what I can tell "sintered pads" are heat treated ceramic. These pads are very hard and virtually dustless. That is the good news. Sintered pads also will wear out your rotors faster.They last along time, but then you might exceed the wear limits on the rotors before they wear out. Stick with the softer pads and change more often. Just what I have learned since Thursday. Take it for what it is worth.,L.B.

  8. bkman

    Stick with the softer pads and change more often...
    This is a good thread - I am nearing my 8000 mile service and I think I am going to need brakes as well. I am not sure, but I looked at the fronts and the pads are pretty dang thin. I usually use the rear brake exclusively at low speeds (it helps me be more stable below 10 mph) so they are probably low, too.

  9. vgink18054

    I have 13000 miles on my bike and the back brakes will need changed when i purchase my next tire

  10. poppj

    i changed my front and rear pads at 11,000 miles....they looked pretty thin after 11,000 miles.....bob


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