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brake lights don't work

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  1. plgekcoube

    Hi I'm new and just bought myself a Yamaha Exciter Sr250 and I work on cars not bikes lol, The taillight itself comes on and headlights and turn signals work and someone told me it can be the brake switch, now is there one or two of those? because the rear brake and front brake does not activate it at all.

  2. MigejCojode

    You should have a switch for both. That doesn't mean that both switches aren't gone but I would look at where they both join together first. Look in the headlight bucket for loose or shorting wires. You can also try to short the wires leading to your front brake together to see if that will light up the brake light. If not then look for fuses or burnt wires.

  3. plgekcoube

    also should the brake lights come on if the keys are out of the ignition? because with the keys in the start position the lights come on, so it leads me to think there maybe a short or a bad fuse? someone has told me that the rear brake switch can be stuck or needs to be adjusted.

  4. Jonezpoj

    Key has to be on to power the brake lights.

  5. plgekcoube

    I have ruled out that it's the front brake switch thats sticking and the brakes are on all the time. lights wise.


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