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Boots for a large foot

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  1. jarmurt

    I am new to the forum, so please excuse me if this question has been posed before, although I did a search and couldn't find anything.

    I am trying to find good boots for riding my v-star 650. I currently wear some old hiking boots, but they aren't comfortable and are fairly worn. There are three things I am looking for in a boot besides the obvious protection:

    1. Size 14 that's over the ankle (but not too high up the leg). Unfortunately this is just one size too big for most boots.
    2. Cost that won't break the bank (looking to spend around $100 or less).
    3. If possible, I'd like them to look professional enough to wear to work with slacks and/or khakis (I'm a college professor at a school with a dress code). I'd rather not have to change shoes at work.

    I'd love to hear any recommendations or advice you all have.


  2. flakkerbhil

    You might want to check out Hitchcock Shoes at I wear a size 13 6e and that's who I get my boots and some shoes from.

  3. zarke172

    check out the bates tacticals at

  4. retzdarraiter

    go to the shoe dept @ wall-mart. they can order any size width you want. cost ? 30.00 steel tips too.

  5. LasjDavk

    FWIW, I know you would prefer not to spend big dollars but I know Red Wing makes boots in your size. Yes you pay a little more for Red Wing but they are quality footwear and comfortable. I was going to recommend HD Boots, I know don't flame me, but HD boots are great. I have a pair and they are the most comfortable shoe/boot I own. Even more comfortable than my sneakers I did some checking for you and it appears that HD only goes to size 13.

    The money I spent on buying low cost boots trying to find something that was comfortable for all day riding and walking, I could have bought 2 pairs of these HD boots or even Red Wing boots. You get what ya pay for and comfortable feet are important.

    Good luck


  6. LasjDavk

    check out the bates tacticals at
    not a bad looking boot,
    Here is a link


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