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  1. rglens

    Hey everybody. I'm looking to buy a bobber kit for my 650 and was wondering if anybody had any advice for me. I've looked at and a couple other sites, but just wanted someone's input. Thanks.


  2. quicgmicg

    There seem to be a few different suppliers out there. I've had no personal experience with any of them, but have read positive things about Blue Collar. IMO the kits are fine, but you may be able to put something together yourself that has more of a personal touch for a bit less $$$. It all depends on how much fabricating you feel like doing I guess.

    I'm sure other will respond shortly......

  3. Enkrypted26

    Yep..i'll be one of the ones responding to this. lol As i'm in the process of building a bobber kit for my bike right now. (1100 custom) I've e mailed Blue Collar Bobbers several times over the past few months about various things. The kits for the 650's are great. Easy to install, no cutting or welding. Quality kits, and very very good customer service. Downside to their kits are, no passengers. me is a big deal. To you, it may not be. But they did tell me in e mails that the new fenders are going to be aluminum and powdercoated, however, will still not hold passenger weight.

    2nd option: Build your own. It's easy, if you have minimal fab skills (i.e. grinder, sander, drill/drill press if needed) You can do this with a trailer fender from Tractor Supply. ($29 for the 6 in. I believe) You can cut this fender to the length you want, drill holes for strut mounts on the sides, and the front where it will mount to the frame/swing arm. Then just fab up a couple struts out of whatever material you'd like, and wham. There it is.

    Several pictures can be found on the internet of these two setups. Google "vstar bobber". You'll see tons of them, mostly 650's. Depends on how much money you want to spend, and what you're wanting to do with it. It's your bike, and personally i'd build my own as to make it 100% unique. And not a "bought" kit. And you're going to no longer be able to use the stock seat, as the rear fender supports it.

    ***For those that are wondering about the production of the Blue Collar Bobber 1100 kits...I received an e mail last week telling me they would have them ready for delivery in 2 weeks. But with 1100's you're going to need to cut the subframe off the back as ours doesn't unbolt like the 650's***

  4. yhennlj

    Though the bobber kits are nice, I have to agree with the others. You can build your own at a fraction of the cost. Most of the 650 bobbers I've seen, either run without a rear fender, or use a trailer fender. You can add a springer seat, and move the lights and tag fairly cheap too. Do a search on the internet for pics of bobbers to get some good ideas. It dosen't have to cost an arm and a leg to look good. With a bobber, I think simplicity is the key. That's just my opinion anyway

  5. wildcatf5

    I've been putting things together for the last few months for my build this winter. Of course, with the wreck Wednesday, my build will be either postponed, or better yet pushed up.
    I plan on trying to fab what I can and buying what I can't. I already have a front fender from a 650 Classic to cut and try to fit on the back like others have done. If I can't make it work, I look at whatever I decide is plan B.
    Some of the rest will depend on the insurance settlement.
    Anyway, I say build it like you want it...Make it your own. And yes...steal ideas from others. As they say, "imitation is the purest form of flatery".

  6. rglens

    Thanks a lot for everbody's advice. I'm gonna sleep on it and I'll be in touch to let you guys know how it goes. Thanks again.

  7. wildcatf5

    Regardless what you do, make sure that the build includes many, many pics AND that you post them for all of us to see.

  8. Enkrypted26

    ^^ What he said ^^

    I'll be doing the same. Good luck with yours!

  9. yhennlj

    Yes, definitely include lots of pics. I think the Vstar is the best thing since sliced bread. I like looking at em' any way they are built, Custom, Classics it doesn't matter to me. They are all great bikes.

  10. HouseOPain

    I'm also in the process of building a 'bobber' (only had my bike a month now). I also contaced Blue Collar Bobbers and asked them about the 1100 kits, and they also said it was coming "soon".

    Since then, I did a lot of shopping and would say you can save a lot of $$ and make your bobber more 'custom' if you put it together yourself, verses a BCB 'kit'.

    I really great place to buy Bobber or Bobber/chopper parts for the 650 is West Eagle Products

    They have more bobber parts for the 650 than for the 1100, so check them out.

    Another site for bike builders is Demons Cycles ( ) they cater largely to Harley, but they also offer lots of parts that can fit our bike with some innovation.

    I wish there was a Bobber forum on this site, I think we need one.

    My bike:

  11. Enkrypted26

    I'll second the bobber forum idea!! Hey mods! You see this? Bobber forum!! lol

    Anyways. Back on topic.

    West-Eagle has some great stuff for both of our bikes. I just ordered the seat conversion kit for the stock fender, as i'm not changing the fender for a little while, because I had to buy all my winter mod parts. And i'll be starting my build thread today. Only thing about West-Eagle is their prices can sometimes be really high. i.e. tail lights, handlebars, pegs, etc. Now...the conversion stuff isn't too expensive for what you get, but if you need basic stuff that can be bought somewhere else i'm more than 100% sure you can get it cheaper (75% cheaper) somewhere else.

    Just FYI, you cannot order from the West-Eagle website. Best thing for you to do is order a catalog or use the online one, but the print is very small online. And if you can, avoid trying to talk to them on the phone. They guy has a VERY thick chinese accent and doesn't speak much english. Kinda reminds me of the way Chica talked when he was on Biker Build Off. You can order from them via e mail also, which is what I did.

  12. perezmaximus36

    It is a 650 and the kit is a BCB it bolts on in a few hours and no cutting.If you have the tools then you can built it yourself and save about half what it cost me, but I still like the kit alot and the quality is very good. Since last I took the pictures I have added the rear fender, will post them soon. oh and that is water on the floor

  13. HouseOPain

    It is a 650 and the kit is a BCB...

    I especially appreciate your pictures as I have an 1100 Custom Midnight and seeing your bike gives me a better idea of how mine will look when I get it done.

    I like that the springs on your seat are black instead of chrome. I love the retro look of the Model A stop light, but I'd want it blacked out, not chrome. Adding a tool bag would look nice on the front, say at the top of the triple-tree.

    Looking good! Keep the photos coming!

  14. perezmaximus36

    I especially appreciate your pictures as I have an 1100...

    Thanks for the compliment, I was checking out the BCB site today and they have their 1100 kits ready.However if you can do it yourself you will save alot and make it your own.I am in the process of buying a welder and doing some changes.

  15. perezmaximus36

    here's some pics with rear fender

  16. HouseOPain

    I see the pics in your previous post, but in this latest one I'm seeing little boxes with red 'X' through them. Hope someone else can see the photos.

    You are not kidding about how you can save some $$$ if you skip the Blue Collar Bobber kits and find or make your own! Everything the offer is overpriced IMHO. It looks like the only thing priced reasonable is the license plate relocation brackets.

    I've seen a good selection of fenders here at Metal West:

  17. perezmaximus36

    here they are

  18. HouseOPain

    I see the photos now. Very nice! What a difference with the fender on! By the way, what rear tire is that? It looks very 'beefy' and old school. . .

  19. perezmaximus36

    Those are the stock bridgestone tires rear is 170/15


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