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Blinged 650 Classic

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  1. mnm24


    been accessorising the bike over the last few days.. how's it look??

    V&H Cruzers
    Memphis Shades Hellcat windshield
    Yamaha light bar
    Chilhowee Leather tank bib
    Hepco Becker Buffalo Cutom saddlebags (unbelievable quality!)
    Air Cleaner Dome insert (not just a decal.. looks great)
    AIS removed.. easy job, no more popping and cleaner looking engine

    More to come but that's it for now. Ride safe.


  2. SemberFiDavk

    Looking good mnm ! I like the leather on the tank !

  3. OpaTheRider

    Very nice!

  4. Smirg17

    That's a ride to be proud of. Good on'ya.

  5. bluesjr87

    Yes, very nice. I really like those Classic's. I put a "solar" Hellcat on my black Custom also.

  6. yhennlj

    Love that tank bib, it goes well with the saddlebags. Nice job!

  7. tunc

    love the studded look on the seat and bags

  8. BikRet

    Very nice, usually not a big fan of the studs but yours looks great.

  9. mnm24

    I can't stop raving about the quality of these saddle bags.. the studs are quite large and I love the asymetrical shape of the bags and stud layout. I was almost tempted to mount them on the living room wall above the fire place but I relented.

    Thanks for the nice coments.. will send more when the next shipment of goodies arrives.


  10. andykershaw22

    Loving the Chilhowee Leather tank bib! Did you have that shipped from the US, or did you manage to pick it up locally?

    Out of interest which side of Sydney are you? I'm out in the Hills.


  11. mnm24

    Loving the Chilhowee Leather tank bib! Did you have...

    G'day Andy

    I picked the bib up in the US, but I have had their stuff shipped here as well.. got some lever leather covers on the way with some leather conditioner.. only 27 bucks postage with current exchange rate.

    I'm in the city, east. Bike lives with my mum out in the country though.



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