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Bling, bling!

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    Will probably look 'as cool' as this persons version, huh?

  2. yhoower

    And they say "Boys and their toys" .................

    Was just checking out your website VTC. Well done. I especially like the history and details on each of your bikes.

    I will be asking you for tips on chroming out my 950T. Right now I'm just adding OEM available chrome.

  3. VTvinChic

    Thanks, JH. You never forget your bikes, and I'm a documentation freak! Ask away, my chrome buddy! I'm always up for talking bike!

    Steve, I've got to stop looking at your bike! You know what they say about bling: it's a girl's best friend! lol!!! Anyway, I'd like to put the original meeper or another fiamm behind it. I'm working on ideas for mounting it in place without having to cut oem equip (I hate doing that - if I ever get bored I can go back to original if I preserve the oem stuff).



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