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Bike in the shop and I'm concerned. HELP!

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  1. triwearam

    Here is an email I gave to my Yamaha dealer prior to taking in for service. Before taking in for service I also put in a new fuel filter, bike ran fine that day then the next it acting up again as described below. Any suggestions or thoughts from the group would be great........................................
    Hoping you can help me. I purchased a 2007 V-Star 650 Silverado Classic from your store last summer. Love the bike, but I have a problem that has come back. Currently I have approximately 3460 miles on the bike. At around 3100 the bike started acting funny. When I would take off from a dead stop the bike would start surging and had very little power, all through the shifting of 5 gears. When you get up to around 55 or 60 miles an hour and hit the throttle it falls flat on it face with no power and would take forever to gain any speed. After taking it home I pulled the plugs and found the left side (front) pretty black, and the right side (rear) white. So that tells me left is rich and right is lean. I changed plugs immediately. Bike ran then about 90% great. Yesterday coming home from work after about 25 miles of riding the whole scenario happened again. So I only have 300 miles on these plugs. Pulled this set and the left is much darker than the right. In-fact the right is very white, like it has no fuel being burned. Any suggestions? Anything you can do to help would be great, as my riding day are getting fewer. Any ideas on what to look for?

  2. MigejCojode

    Sounds like another ethanol clogged bike. Good luck with anything from Yamaha, individual service centers have been good and bad on this issue, but Yamaha is still out on whether ethanol enriched gasoline works with their carbs.

    Have the dealer open the carbs up and clean the main jets. They need to have a look at the polution control solenoid and seat as well. When you get it back start using seafoam every few fill ups to stop this from happening again.

  3. triwearam

    Shop called today. The carbs and jets were totally clean. They had to call the Yamaha tech for advice because they couldn't find the problem. He advised them to check the "throttle shaft seal". That was the problem. This is not a replacement part and is part of the whole carb assembly. Yamaha has agreed to to cover the cost of a set of carbs under "goodwill". I get the labor bill of $260.00. I will talk to Yamaha and see if that can be reduced. They couldn't tell me what the cause was. From now on though I will be using premium fuel and SeaFoam. Does anyone use Marvel Mystery Oil instead of SeaFoam?

  4. triwearam

    Here is further update to the "Throttle Shaft Seal" issue. I decided to call the Yamaha Customer Relations. I'm not done I'm going to National Service Director this week.
    Today I spoke to a lady from Yamaha Customer Relations around 1:30pm regarding the service issue I have.

    The problem with my bike is the Throttle Shaft Seal. This is not a component part that can be simply replaced, it is a piece of the whole carb set.
    Yamaha is covering the set of carbs under "goodwill" and I have to pay for the labor which is approx $260.00.

    I asked her why this "Throttle Shaft Seal" went bad and what I can do to prevent it from happening again. She put me on hold and went to ask a technical advisor. When she came back and said "There is nothing you can do, this is caused by the vibration of the bike." "We are covering the carbs because of this, however since you bike is 4 months out of warranty you are responsible for the labor." "The new carb set has a new improved throttle shaft seal so you shouldn't have any future problems." I ended the call at that time, however asked her to note that I would be expecting Yamaha to cover the carbs again should this happen in the future. She said she would make a note of my comment.

    If they expect me to pay $260.00 for labor, then I want a two year extended warranty put on my bike, since I'm paying labor for something they caused in the design of the bike. My problems started with only 3,100 miles on the bike, so what is going to happen at 6,000 and 9,000?

  5. MigejCojode

    Ya..... I'm buying right into that. Seeing as it isn't a warranty issue but a good will issue how about you send me the carbs, I'll clean them up and sell them back to Yamaha.

    Seriously tho try to get the carbs, I would love to have a look at them.

    Seeing as you have to pay the labour do it yourself? Just have Yamaha send you the new carbs.


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