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Big footed vstar rider.

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  1. Bulltok

    Anyone else out their have big size 12 feet?? I always wear heavy boots when I ride my 04 vstar 1100 classic. I've had the bike for just over 4 years now and after numerous mods and additions to the bike I have her fitting me perfectly, well almost perfectly.

    Anyway back to big feet, one thing that has annoyed me about the bikes right floorboard and brake pedal layout is with a big foot and heavy boot you can't comfortably set you right foot on the floorboard without angling your foot position outward (boot toe won't fit under the pedal).

    To fix this annoyance I decided to cut half the width of the pedal off, cut half the pedals rubber boot off and contact cemented it back onto the brake pedal. Right foot sits nicely on the floorboard now and getting my foot on the pedal is easy and quick.

    Here's a picture of the mod:

    Has anyone else done this??


  2. bazdorrop1

    Hummm......... I wear an 11 and have had no problems. Have you considered cutting off your big toe so you can wear a smaller shoe?

  3. chilibebber

    Cut off your big toe? That is a great idea. I read it and started laffing. Who would have thought of such a simple fix to that problem.

  4. Bulltok

    Oops, cut off my big toe, smaller boots, wish I'd thought of that before hacking off my brake pedal.


  5. ybzerra

    Is that all? I have 15's and don't have any issues with my pads and my feet. But I did NEED the pads!

    Although I have heard of people putting extended forward controls on, even at 6'5" I don't have an issue with where my controls are located.

    I have adopted a foot shift when driving in town, and swing my toes onto the peddle as I approach the stops. Otherwise, I don't have any issues. To each their own.

    Good luck.


  6. bazdorrop1

    size 15? You should cut off all toes. That would do it.

  7. mopoj

    i wear a size 12 petite engineer boot with viberam sole. i just adjusted the
    brake pedal a little straighter up and my boots fit under it just fine and its not
    hard to use. there is an adjustment on the pedal.


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