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  1. ralbhlube

    Today I got around to drilling the three holes in my Exhaust and what a difference it made, Finished it off with flat black high temp paint.
    Not overly loud but very noticeable.

  2. Trollpj

    Going to do the Drill mod next weekend (weather permitting)

    Been looking at new exhaust but wife said not in the budget this year. (damn kids and Braces)

  3. ralbhlube

    Yea a new exhaust was not in my budget either, but drilling works pretty
    well for a start. I used a 1/4 bit to start drilling 3 holes in a triangle
    pattern inside the end of the pipe in the cone, drilling through the cone
    and another piece of metal being careful not to go through exhaust pipe
    itself, than finished with a larger bit. Taking off burrs and painting with flat black high temp paint. Good Luck, Ralph


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