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  1. KitMawericg

    hey all. Since it's getting colder i'm starting to think of modding my bike.I'm trying to keep the cost as low as possable for now. I love the looks of the hypercharger,but is it really worth it performance wise over doing the gak? Also how hard is it to gut the stock pipes? What kind of power increase could i excpect from these mods? thanks

  2. retzdaret

    Well, the performance is about the same for the GAK and hypercharger, so I don't think it's worth it to pay for a Hypercharger. But that is up to you. The only real difference is looks and price. Gutting the pipes is not very hard. You either have to do it or get aftermarket pipes to do a GAK/Hypercharger. Gutting the pipes alone will not give you a performance boost. The 2 together will give you a big one. Totally worth it.

  3. carryallguns87

    This airfilter cover mod is very inexpensive when combo'd with a K&N air filter. And drilling the baffles out is just $15.00 and 5 minutes of work. Just another alternative to others.

  4. micg10

    hey all. Since it's getting colder i'm starting to think...

    i've only taken the first baffle out of each pipe and it wasn't hard but more of a pain in the a$$ to get out but well worth it

  5. MigejCojode

    I love the HC, it's a different type of horse power, but bang for the buck go with the GAK and gutted puppies. If you want the most power spend good money on a full set of pipe. But if $600 ish is too much then gut your stock exhaust.

  6. KitMawericg

    Thanks for the replies. I'm kinda confused about the baffles. Is there a write up on this? Do i need to completly gut it or just take out the first baffle like mick did?

  7. retzdaret

    You have to completely gut it. First baffle removed is not enough for a GAK or HC.

  8. girgnt1zbt

    You have to completely gut it. First baffle removed...

    Agreed. If you want a GAK or Hypercharger, you need either fully gutted stock pipes or aftermarket pipes. Any form of partially gutted or drilled stock pipes will not flow good enough for all the extra air going into the engine from the GAK or HC.

    With that said, if your budget is tight, fully gut your pipes, and buy the GAK kit from Ziv. If you have a little more $$$ to spend, aftermarket pipes would be good to go along with the GAK.

  9. micg10

    Thanks for the replies. I'm kinda confused about the baffles....

    to gut your pipes have look here
    and just repeat the process to get them all out.

  10. KitMawericg

    Thanks everyone. It looks like i'm probly gonna have to put this on hold though..

  11. wforider62

    All depends what you consider performance (for the buck). Pipes??? no not in my estimation, I would say air cleaner for buck banging.
    But I always looked to my brakes and suspension before i considered the motor unless i was stinkin in money. If you afford the buck I would say suspension.



  12. yhennlj

    The HC and Hardkrome strippers combo I'm running on my bike really made a difference in performance, sound, and overall appearance. I couldn't be happier. However, the cash was spent to achieve all of the aforementioned aspects, not just performance. From what I know, the GAK and gutted stockers, for the most part, perform much in the same way as the HC and aftermarket exhaust. You are simply allowing more air in, as well as providing a better means for the spent gases to escape. The Gak is relatively cheap, and gutting stock pipes is free.You could do both for less than 100 bucks.The HC and aftermarket exhaust well......

  13. ZerofireU

    What is a GAK?

  14. girgnt1zbt

  15. micg10

    Thanks everyone. It looks like i'm probly gonna have to...

    after i took the first baffle out i put a K&N air filter on which also made a difference and still was no need to re-jet.

  16. KitMawericg

    might look into that has gone south fast. i'm thinkin i need to stick to the free mods for now. Ya j there's no way i can even think about that cost at the moment lol

  17. yhennlj

    I definitely know where you're coming from. I haven't had any extra cash to spend on the bike lately either. I still have a few things I'd like to do with mine, but for now, I'll just enjoy riding it

  18. kprovn31

    Here's the best price I've found on the Vance and Hines Cruzers if you are interested. I got mine from here and they were quick in shipping and the pipes are easy to install. Add the GAK and WOW! what a difference!

  19. Smirg17

    Greetings, I've come to the conclusion that winter is only for collecting money for the bike. In the mean time here are a couple of things to think about.

    Another very good website, . Lots of how to's and mod thoughts.

    Chances you will want to either disable or remove the AIS (air induction system). Here is a easy and free to disable, . It is available on the 650 Forum complements of MigejCojode.

    And for future dreaming, I put a set of V&H cruzers slash cuts on my 650 (as mentioned above) easy to do and so beautiful.

    Be well and happy

  20. VinceWylde

    I removed the baffles out of my AM cobra pipes a few months ago. And i love it. It's a different sound that stands out. I also just swapped out the HC on my Star for a cone intake and i'm having some complications with the new adjustments. But defiNadely worth the looks and performance!!!


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