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bear with me. stupid question.

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    On cars/trucks, THERE is usually a way to drain the block of coolant.
    I see WE have a drain on the bottom of the radiator (how handy), but I see no real way to drain down the block. The manual is fairly (ok, REALLY) vague when it comes to the answer.
    Anyone flushed/refilled their 1300 on their own?
    I maybe got half a quart out of the radiator/draining down via drain plug.
    Is there some top secret way to get the 'rest' of the coolant out of the block?

    Forgive my ineptitude, please.

  2. 9Sdarz

    Steve, you have to summon the coolant fairy and she comes over and sucks the rest out

  3. JuzdSdewe

    heh heh heh, uh, heh heh........he said sucks......................

  4. Lrtoflamancha

    If you think that emptying the damn thing is a PITA wait until you try to fill it. Best bet is to remove the gas tank. Then you can get to the filler tube. I was told to really drain the engine you need to remove the bottom radiator tube and jack up the rear to the bike. Now that has got to be the most stupid idea that anyone has ever had. Ok so take off the bottom tube... Get the bike going real fast and do a 5 minute stoppy should drain it real fast.


    Why do I talk to mechaniks...?

  5. tunc

    as i dont have a 1300 im surmising here ok
    in the link of the water pump below
    part #12 is this a drain plug for what your after

  6. MorkKW

    Sir Stangman,

    While it adds two additional steps, when I had the radiator flushed, to do it completely and correctly, it was flushed and then filled with water, run for a couple minutes and then flushed again before new coolant was added. Voila, the bike was good to go....well, after I paid the bill for the valve adj, TB sync, etc.

  7. BigerDawe

    I would suggest letting the engine cool down before filling it with cold coolant or you will crack the engine block sure as heck.

  8. nvquatriterz

    Pull the lowest hose, take fill cap off, let'r drain. Fill back up with dionized water...(no corrosion causing "floaties" in it... like chlorine in tap water), and start it up for about 30 seconds. Drain again, fill with 50/50 dionized water/coolant mix. Run and drain again. Fill with coolant. You'll need to run it a couple of time and "burp" the system to get any air bubbles out of your lines. It's a pain in the arse... but it's not like you do it that often. It's one of those things that you need to put a dollar value on your time. If you want to do it yourself, it'll take up your morning/afternoon/whatever.

    I personally wouldn't pay more than $50 to have it done on its own... including fluids. If you can get it as part of a "package deal" along with valves, throttle bodies, brake fluid, and whatever else... that's the way to go.

  9. ircaber

    I usually use my air compressor (air pressure) to drain coolant or oil from the engine block.
    it has worked very well for me and drains it all through regular drain plug. just my 2 cents!!


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