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Batwing Fairing

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  1. decharm

    does anyone make an affordable Batwing fairing? I know Memphis Shades has developed a very affordable one but not for the Roadliner. The Look would be great but not at $1500.00 in this economy thats what makes Memphis shade fairing so attractive. or what windshield is a good recommendation for a Roadliner besides the OEM star wind shield which runs about $650?

  2. mento

    You can pop in on these guys and probably get a lot of ideas on how to fab your own brackets to mount the Memphis Shades fairing.


  3. MorkKW

    If you haven't yet seen this site, go there and check out their fairings:TSUKAYU

    Take care.

  4. cobberchobber

    It is my understanding that the memphis shade fairing really if headlight fits, it mounts direct to your MShade hardware and the that would be the same with all MC. the hardware is the only thing that changes from bike to bike.
    Check out Wide open customs. they sell one I'm interested in due to inner and Tunes

  5. Jonezpoj

    My brother just put the wide open fairing on and looks nice. Easy to fit, just have to paint. He was into it close to $950 with shipping and extras but no radio......

  6. zhifdhabbj6

    Look at mine, it is an Arkady fairing. Paid $700.00 less stereo and paint. Will have about $1400.00 in it when complete. Need contact info for Arkady let me know.


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