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Battery life

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  1. poppj

    i have been told that the battery that comes with your new 1100 should last 5 years maybe more at average.....does that sound right....with my car batterys some last 5 years some 8 years and still going....bob

  2. A1zbordztat

    All I can say is I am on the 4th year with mine with no signs of it fading. I do pull mine every winter and bring it inside hooked up to a battery tender.

  3. flamet196

    original just replaced last summer 00 1100 classic. had 17500 when replaced and was 8 years old. may have been damaged by the rectifier that may have been intermittantly bad and then went bad bad shorly after new battery was installed

  4. BigerDawe

    Do I need to completely remove the battery from the bike in order to put my battery tender on it? I don't know if it will hurt the electrical system if I put the tender on the battery using the provided clamps while the battery is in the bike and hooked up.

    Last winter I rode to work (13 miles one way) frequently in temps of 30 degrees F. I was hoping infrequent riding would keep the battery charged and in good shape.

    any opinions?

  5. retzdaret

    No you do not need to remove it from the bike. Some people do to keep it in the warmer temperatures of their house if it gets too cold in the garage/shed/ or where ever they store their bike.

  6. LiddleBen

    I put a small plug on my battery that is hidden in the tool box . During the off season I just plug my small tender into the bike in the garage and forget it. No problems in six years.,L.B.

  7. poppj

    i put a small plug on my battery that is...
    i like that setup...6 years with the same battery???? Bob

  8. targwzdar

    I put a small plug on my battery that is...

    Battery tender is a damn good thing. However, I've never had a bike battery last me more than 4 years, you know something I don't or are you getting lucky?!

  9. wtan

    really 6 years for the battery. wow that great. mine just recently went bad....have it charge at the yamaha center , got it back and went great. have for few days, starting it but could not go any where due rain. then yesterday went out starting ok and went for an hour ride. came home and parked the bike. an hour later was trying to move the bike to clean. but when i try to start the bike it cant. sound like its cranking the starter but there no start. open the battery and use a multimeter...only 7.59volt. i think the battery have run down totally. i think the battery is dead really dead...

  10. quicgmicg

    i have been told that the battery that comes with...
    Battery life varies drastically. I'm in the business and I see them last 2 months ...I see them last 9-10 years.

    The environment has a lot to do with it. A battery that sits (battery tender or not) tends to not last as long as one that is used every day. A battery that is taken on rough roads or is subject to jarring etc...will not last as long as one that doesn't. Extremes in temperatures (hot especially) will degrade them quickly. Also, there are many different manufacturing processes (batteries are made differently) and some are totally cost driven. THAT, as much as anything contributes to battery life.

    So how long does a battery last? I guess the right answer is that it'll last until it fails...... then it needs to be replaced..... who knows how long that will be. If I get over 3 years on any battery......I'm happy.


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