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barons dt risers new cables or not

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  1. rajmo

    for those who have these risers can you guys share some details about having or not to change there cables , did this upgrade really help you feel better when you ride,just share ,share with us,oh and if you can post some pics would be nice,thank you all.

  2. vgink18054

    dont have pics, but before i put the risers on my bike after a 100 miles my shoulders would hurt.
    now with the DT riser no more shoulder pain.
    I used the stock cables, but i had to take the clutch cable out of that little ring on the side of the engine.
    i allso had to loosen the front brake line and turn it to give a little more slack.

    But it is my understanding that some have had to change 1 or more cables.
    so i dont know if i just got lucky or if the yamaha cable lenght varys from bike to bike.

  3. wzdar6

    rajmo I had to replace the brake line from the master cylinder to the splitter. I had the local bike shop order me one 4" longer than OEM. I don't remember the cost but I know it was less than 30 bucks. Bleeding the line was the hardest part only because I was stupid!! I used a vaccum line pump and worked for quite a while(ashamed to tell how long) as I was still getting tiny bubbles. Finally realized that the pump was pulling air in around the bleeder screw threads. Also like King I had to move the clutch cable which wasn't much trouble. I wasn't able to ride for a couple days because of waiting on the brake line. If you get lucky you can complete in less than 2 hours. If you have help you could complete in less than an hour. TIP cover the front fender well if you have to replace the brake line. Paint doesn't like brake fluid. As for comfort, it's great! I now have my elbows bent which helps the back and shoulders.

  4. rajmo

    As i read you v star20, a question rises in my mind,which is the best and effective way to bleed the brakes,and will post a new thread,so new like me can benifit from the comments we read,thank you

  5. kzdar37

    I don't have any pics right now since the bike is all tucked away in the garage, but I couldn't imagine being without my risers. I have the ProOne riser and tach combo. These did require +2" cables and brake lines, which I got from Baron's. It might be possibleto get away without it in some applications, but mine has a loaded front end with winshield, lowers, and light bar. I had no good way to reroute my cables.

  6. ironi626

    I just got these. Still in their packaging. Can't wait to put them on. As I understand it, the only real problem is the front brake hose. Most people just run it behind the triple tree and have enough clearance. Let me know how it goes for you.

  7. alexM712

    I did not have to change anything on my 04. I have read other posts here from 04 owners who did not have to change anything either so maybe 04 bikes have longer brake lines. I did remove the cable guide plate to get the most slack I could. My windshield bracket keeps everthing in place and allows the cables to move as needed. The clutch cable does pull tight on full right turns, but I don't think it is enough to stress it.

  8. earnmanfan960

    Ever since I bought my bike my neck would get real stiff on Long rides of over an hour or so. After a very long ride I took with some friends last summer I ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck that took over six weeks of going to physical therapy to heal. During that time I was not able to ride my bike at due to the pain. As the therapy started working I was tempted to try riding but did not want to push my luck. After a month of not riding I had to try something so I bought and installed the barons DT risers. It made a huge difference! Now I can ride hours at a time without getting a stiff neck. Installation was a snap. It went just as described by members of this forum who had previously installed them. Thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge here as it makes owning and customizing a Yamaha even that much more enjoyable.

  9. donjlip

    After I put my DT risers On The only thing I had to do was put on a 2" longer brake line To bleed it cover your paint. Hook brake line up to master cylinder Take the other end stick it in the master cylinder and slowly squeese the hand brake until all bubbles are gone. Hook up to splitter You should be good to go If not Just bleed a little out of caliper I did this after 2 hours of trying to bleed it the conventional way. Tony

  10. retzdaret

    I recently rerouted my break line. You still have to get a couple of new crush washers and bleed it, but much cheaper than a new break line and still looks great. I just routed it behind the triple trees. 80c each for the 2 washers, and $20.00 for the bleeder kit.


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