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  1. Andhracidetup

    Hello, new guy here....I was just gifted a 74 TX 750 that has been sitting inside for 33 years. It has 7700 on the clock and naturally it ran when he parked it.

    I got it home and and went straight to work on it...removed all of the ole 70's add ons...windjammer, sissy bar, luggage rack, while I let oil soak in the cylinders. The engine quickly gave way with a little tug on the end of the crank underneath the side plate (17mm nut).

    I thought I was going to clean the carbs and do a shake down run around the block, but my day dream was quickly shattered as the rotation of the crank came to a sudden stop.

    A little investigation revealed the exhaust valve on the left cylinder is stuck open, hitting the piston. Further exploration revealed that only the right side intake valve is actuating!. I lifted the rocker cover up as far as I could, so I could see if the cam was appears to be in one piece. I could see the ends of it turning in the saddles.

    The exhaust valve on the right side has a buch of slack in it (about 6mm) yet the valve adjusting screw looks to be in the same shape/position as the others

    Is is common to lose some cam lobes on these engines? Thats what it seems like is going on. Is this officially a parts bike or is it worth fixing (prices and availability)

    I dont have a bunch of money, but I am able to do most work myself. I do like the bike and I would really like to get it back on the road again.

    I could certainly use some advice right now.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. TomKajVS580

    Andhracidetup, have you seen this site?

  3. Sgeeder

    If you had paid something for the bike and then found this out, I'd be inclined to say part it out and try to recoup your money. But since it sounds like you got it for nothing, then I would probably tear into it more to see what needs to be done. If you can do the work yourself then you're only out your time. A bike that's sat for 33 years will have issues.

  4. Andhracidetup

    Yeah, the bike was free...'cept trailer I dont mind spending a few coin on it....Id like to find another head and I can spiff it up and put them on as a winter project (like I need another).

    I plan on pulling the motor off during this week so I can get to the top end and investigate further. I just started looking around and cant seem to find parts for it, so I was just wondering if the bike can be repaired within reason.

    Also, not knowing much about this model...I didnt want to start working on something that has inherent flaws such as camshafts going bad, etc.

    This is my first bike and its growing on me, but I dont want to waste my time with a lemon....I owned a few Yamaha dirt bikes when I was a kid...but I've never had a street bike before.

    I know this bike will need a tires, brakes and hoses and such...but it still looks to be in pretty good shape for what its been through...I havent cleaned it up yet...but most of it still looks rather nice.

    Thanks for the info...Im going to go to the suggested site and dig around...


  5. tunc

    seems to be a few of these gettin around
    heres another recent thread you might look at

  6. Andhracidetup

    Ok, dug a little deeper on the it all ripped apart and took the motor off the frame (what a pita!) So I pulled the rocker box off and found everything to be clean and in good shape. The root cause of the problems are both exhaust valves are stuck is just slightly open and the other is at full lift. Ive been spraying them and heating them to no avail...looks like the head is coming off and possibly new exhaust valves.

    I think this bike has never been messed with...there is no evidence of anybody working on it 'cept for the oil drain at least they changed the oil. The valve adjusting jam nuts dont appear to have any marks on them.

    So even though this bike is a bit on the crusty side....its never been tampered with and is just a victim of being parked and forgotten, I think I will save it. I wont be able to go all out on it and knock it out in one fell swoop...but rather just a piece at a time.

  7. flazh680

    It Won't hurt the wallet too bad if you do it a little at a time. took me 3 years to get my bike looking and running like new.

    many friends have seen what I have done and are starting their own projects . and guess who they call when things get tough?

    thats alright I enjoy teaching them a few things for a change. lol

  8. Andhracidetup

    Yeah...I'll just work on getting it running first...then making it stop/go.
    Then as time wears on, I'll do the wear items, then work on cosmetics...$hit, as long as it stops and goes safely...I'll roll it no matter how dirty it looks!

  9. Andhracidetup

    Hey, just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I got the engine top end tore down and had the valves and seats cut. They also redecked the head. The cylinder walls were in great shape...still had cross hatching in them. So I have the motor back together and I had to fix a few stripped sump biggy there....

    Now Im onto the carbs, they are completely stuck! I got one all tore apart and has been soaking for a few weeks in carb cleaner.

    I degreased and washed the rest of the frame and it came out pretty clean...looks good.

    Most of the chrome on the bike is all the small pieces are making their way through the sand blaster and getting a coat of semi gloss black.
    I wish I could afford to rechrome everything...but its not going to happen this decade.

    Not sure what to do with the chrome fenders and the pipes, love to keep them chrome...but they are pretty rough. The previous owner recently told me the reasons why the fender chrome looks bad....the bike was at the Yamaha dealer getting service, when a fire broke out...which damaged a lot of the chrome.

    Im thinking that the fenders will be painted the same as the rest of the tins. Im aiming towards Garnet Red, or something along those lines...I think it will look good against the semi gloss black.

    I should have this thing ready to fire here in another month or two....still needs tires, battery and brake hoses/master cylinder.

    While it will remain visually unappealing for some time to least it will soon be out of its 35 year slumber.

  10. Silwerato5x5

    I was going into restoring a 1975 Kawasaki Z1B 900, it runs but needs either a new set of points contacts or an upgraded electronic spark setup, those are actually pretty cheap. Whith out tearing the engine apart and just on a short running observation it looks like one of the four carbs isn't working because of a cold header pipe, it could be a valve problem. It could be just a carb, engine hasn't run in years.

    This bike has been stored outside for a long time, all the aluminum is oxidized and the paint on the frame, tank and covers is shot, the seat needs a complete rebuild. On the several forums about this make/model/year the posters are all cultists looking for this very same bike in almost any condition, even the basket cases are worth big money, but its here in Alaska of all places so its basically unreachable to them and I get snarky little comments about people who are given vintage collectible bikes while they cannot find one for less than a grand.

  11. Andhracidetup

    Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I got the bike running last Sunday! It didnt want to fire with the electric, but when I gave it a kick, it fired right up. I let it run for about half an hour and checked the carbs out, dialed it in a little. I took it for a shake down run since the roads were dry and it actually ran good for a short while...then it started bogging out, like it was running out of finally stalled on me, but I was able to kick it back to life and get it back home.

    When I get time Im going to adjust the valves and run it some more, try to dial in the carbs a little bit better, and then change the oil again.

    Its pretty cool to wake up a bike that has set for 34 years!

  12. flazh680

    yep and brings a warm feeling to you after you get done with it

    Its more satisfying to bring one back to life and clean it up than to go buy a new one. and a heck of alot cheaper.

  13. Andhracidetup

    Ahh poop! The head is leaking! I made big mistake by trying to reuse the head gasket...I was warned by my friend at work to go ahead and get a new one. I thought since I had the head redecked that it would likely seal up go.....back to square one. If I bust a$$ I can have it all done in an after noon...provided I am left alone in the garage . At least all of the cleaning and scrubbing, doubt and all the other BS is out of the'll just be straight forward R&R kinda stuff.

    On the other hand, I have to mention...the power! When I took it for a spin, it surprised me...I thought I'd goose it real good in first gear and I almost let go of the bars...this should be a fun little bike this summer!

  14. BikBear

    Well Good! It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the ONLY one in the world with one of these things that RUNS! 'Was getting pretty "lonely". !

  15. yeebzderluw

    Last year I found a 1980 XS1100 Midnight Special abandoned in a junk yard. It had 19,000 original miles judging by the odometer and the condition of the moving parts. I have no idea how long the bike sat, but it was long enough to oxidize the frame paint, rust through quite a bit of the black anodizing much like your chrome, ate away the seat, and the carbs were dried up a lot too. I haven't had to touch the engine, been lucky there. I did a quick job (but not a bad job) getting it running and all is well mechanically. Right now I'm doing a more thorough job on the carbs just like you. All I can say about your project is time is more important than money. It may seem dried and fried, but things like brake calipers and the master cylinder is repairable. The master cylinder was a total pain to take apart, but after cleaning and a few o-rings it works like a champ. I took some steel wool and wrapped it around a drill bit, soaked it in brake fluid and honed it to clean the inside, works excellent. The calipers were frozen, so I popped out the pistons with compressed air, cleaned em up, and they are perfect. Your bike will be just fine. I'll be checking on your post, so if you have questions I might have some good tricks to bring to the table.

    Check out my pics dude!

  16. Andhracidetup

    I, did some more test-n-tune on it the other day and it appears that the head is not leaking. However, the right cylinder is using some oil and its leaking out of the exhaust at the head sealing drips down and kinda "wicks" downward to the cylinder head gasket surface...thus making it look like the cylinder head.

    Im not to sure why its pumpin' has 150 psi in that cylinder. I attempted to do a leak down test on it, but I needed someone to hold the brake for me while in gear to keep the engine from turning as I applied air pressure in the cylinder...that and it was finger numbing cold out in the my patience wore thin.

    When I had the head off, they cylinders were pretty nice...there was still cross-hatching in the bores....Im wondering if I have a stuck/broke oil ring or perhaps one of the valve guide seals is damaged.

    It seems to stop leaking/smoking after about 15 minutes of running.
    Im going to go ahead with the program and get tires for it and get the front brake working properly, and just run it around town this spring and see what happens...check it for "sea worthyness"

    Its just a toy for me and I dont plan on taking long road trips on it, but if I feel comfortable...I may take it an hour or so away from home on occasion.

    Ive got some pretty cool ideas for the cosmetics on the bike, much of them are necessitated from the lack of most of the chrome will be blacked out and it will be a home paint job with no decals or logos on the tank...but I was thinking about using Yamaha tuning fork decals on the tank sides inside of a black insert on the paint.

    Im going to hit the guitar stores and see if they have some cool yamaha stickers for the tank...Im thinking about a 3 or 4 " circular tuning fork logo on each tank side.

  17. yeebzderluw

    Piano stickers huh? Sounds like music to my ears. Howd ya like that pun. I'd never really thought of using piano stickers.

  18. Andhracidetup

    Well, I play a few Yamaha guitars and the logo they use is the same as the cylce....Its just a thought for now, but being the artist that I am...Im sure that I can make it look pretty good...kinda going for that classic/unique look. I'll sketch it out before I do any spraying.


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