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Baffles, baffles, who's got the baffles.

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    Well, after singing high praises for the cobra quiet baffles, I've decided to remove them and reinstall the smartpartz baffles.
    The cobra baffles had a DRONE that drove me friggin' nuts @ 55 mph, or 2200 rpm, give or take.
    They sound kickass @ idle, and on acceleration, but the drone drove me nuts.

    So, I tossed the smartpartz baffles back in, and I THINK (at this point), they're going to stay IN.

    That's my story and I"m sticking to it.

    So, IF anyone wants to purchase some slightly used cobra quiet baffles (the shorties, 15", for their cobra pipes, they'll be going REAL cheap.

  2. vakonman

    Hey JuzdSdewe,
    Are those baffles universal for all Cobra pipes or are they model specific? I have Cobra Dragsters without any baffles and I'm lookin' for something to tone them down a bit. Do you know if would they fit the Dragsters. Thanks


  3. JuzdSdewe

    Bill, you will have to do a little research I guess.
    These are the 15" quiet baffles from cobra that fit MY cobra shorties, and I also believe they fit the slashdown versions as well.
    If you go to dennis kirk or J&P cycles, cobra will have them listed as to what fits what.
    My first guess is YES, they will fit, but I cannot say that with complete certainty.

    They WILL tone down that gawd awful BARK that stock cobra pipes make. I will give them that. Just not enough for this old man.

  4. vakonman

    Sounds like we have the same ear when it comes to pipes. I bought the bike with the pipes already gutted so I've never heard it baffled. I gotta do something or some neighbor is gonna shoot me. I'll use that info and look around.
    Thanks Steve.

  5. Jonezpoj

    You guys need to measure your pipes, if the same diameter then the baffles will fit.

  6. JuzdSdewe

    It's not a matter of diameter. I"m pretty sure ALL cobra dual (2 x 2) pipes are the same inside diameter. It's a matter of length. Cobra makes a 15" and I think the other option is 24" baffle for the pipes, depending on whatever.

  7. Lucgj574

    Hey Steve, I was unhappy with my Smartpartz for exactly the same reasons as you when you got your Cobra baffles last year. But now that you've decided that the Smartpartz are the way to go (for now, at least) it helps me feel a little better about my Smartpartz. I was suffering from "baffle envy" for a while there! I still hope that the perfect baffle comes along one of these days...

  8. SdeweinFL

    I am baffled about this entire subject - oh yes, and exhausted, too.


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