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Bad running vstar

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  1. pill2304

    A friend just got a 05 vstar classic with 9000 miles.first of all the engine cuts out when you first take off.and it did not want to climb a hill yesterday he had to gear down to first gear to make thing i did notice the pipe coming out of the engine is yellow stained they told him it had aftermarket pipes on but they were scratched too bad so they returned them stock.and they did say they put the stock jets back in. Any ideas?

  2. retzdaret

    Run a lot of Seafoam threw it. Start with a 1/3 can to a tank and when that runs out do it again until it starts to run better. My money is the carbs are all gunked up bad. You may also want to take it apart and verify he put the stock jets back on. You also want to make sure with stock exhaust and jet, that you have stack a air intake on it.

  3. poppj

    seafoam and new plugs could be a cheap fix.....bob

  4. Mige

    Like others said, it sounds like your carbs are all gunked up. If Seafoam doesn't work, you will probably have to pull them off and clean them good, check the jets and reset the mixture. If the stock pipes are back on you may need to put the AIS back on if it has been removed.


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