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Backfires after new pipes and rejetting carb

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  1. girgzdone

    I just finished putting Hard-Krome 2.75 Big Straights , rejetting the carbs and putting on a Kuryakyn hypercharge aircleaner on my 2007 vstar1100 classic. I took it ouf for a spin and the bike does not have any power ( max speed is ~ 70 mph) and it backfires when I decelarates. What would be my next step. Is the bike running too lean? should I synchronized the carbs? Any help would be appreciated

  2. retzdaret

    Did you rejet and you need to disable the AIS?

  3. LiddleBen

    The jets may be part of the problem either too large or too small. I would say that the bike is running rich if you haven't modified the air intake to open it up so the bike can get enough air for the increased exhaust volume. I would suggest an air kit as well as the jets. Restricted air intake will hinder performance. As for the backfire I would completely remove the AIS systrem this is the main culprit in Backfire with aftermarket pipes. Simply stated. pipes and air kit. Rejet and sync. AIS removal., usually equals performance and better fuel mileage as well. Hope this helps.,L.B.

  4. quicgmicg

    I agree with LiddleBen... sounds like the carbs are way off. A Hypercharger is hard to get dialed in right in the first place.

    What size jets did you use? What is the PMS set at? Did you synch the carbs?

  5. Bruzhj

    Best thing to do is get your bike set up right before you remove the ais . I played with mine and couldn't seem to get the right mix. I have cobra speedster longs with a BAK. Save a lot of headaches and have it dynoed to get the right air fuel mixture. Less time in the shop and more time riding. The shop tuned it with hardly any pops then I removed the ais with Barons kit.


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