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  1. wzdar6

    Got Back In The Saddle This Morning. Got Throwed Off My Pony Yesterday.(see Rant, Hit And Run) Just Had To Ride Today. Broke Out My Horse (1100) And Went On A Fresh Strawberry Run For My Wife. Just For Info A Gallon Basket Of Berries Will Fit Nicely In Each Saddle Bag. It Was The Longest Run I've Had With The New Barron Risers. 20 Miles Round Trip. Man Does It Feel Good When The Bars Come Back To You Instead Of Having To Reach Forward For Them. They Are Almost Too Comfortable I Got Alittle Sleepy On The Ride. May Have To Put A Rock In My Back Pocket Just To Keep Me Alert.

  2. Jonezpoj

    Strawberries mmmmmmmmmmm, I would think after your experience, you would keep a rock in your hand.....

  3. wzdar6

    Read My Post In The Rant Section. I Have Something That Will Reach Out Further In Mind.

  4. Kos

    I keep telling my wife that riding is cheaper than theropist. Glad your back at it bro.

    p.s. In Texas we have CHL (concealed handgun license) I propose a CHL (concealed handgrenade license)

  5. wzdar6

    we can get a conceal permit in n.c. but i think out in sight would work better.

  6. eponjzdar

    and once in a while I ride home or to work with my sidearm on and in full view. Funny how you get a little more respect on the road. I usually take it off and stick it in the side bags but once in a while I forget I have it on. Cops don't bother me either but hey - it's New Mexico...


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