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As a first bike?

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  1. vstarrider281

    And the 2008 Roadstar Silverado S is looking sooo sweet. Yep, I enjoy that Christmas feeling each time I can afford shiney thingies.

  2. N2cr7zharg

    And the 2008 Roadstar Silverado S is looking sooo sweet. Yep, I enjoy that Christmas feeling each time I can afford shiney thingies.
    x2 LOL. And definitely agree with the thought that one bike leads to another until you find one that you really truly enjoy.....

  3. zdarmom

    I took my road test at age 44.........I felt like I waited my WHOLE LIFE to do this one thing, and was thrilled......

    went out and bought a suzuki 650 new as my first bike, and it was perfect for my first 2 seasons.......... im 5 ' 6" .5 so im not vertically challenged as many others I know......Ive outgrown my 650 and CANNOT wait for the spring to sell mine and get my 2008 blue custom 1100..........

    I hope it will be the bike Ive always hubby will be pissed if i decide its not in 2 yrs...... LOL..........

    Hubby is a harley rider and my 650 requires too much effort to stay with him off the line....... he just "takes off" ........

    will spend my entire winter dreaming of that v star.....

  4. Ravhite

    If you don't mind opening it up that 1100 should leave him in the dust until you get up to about 60 or so then he'll overtake you. With a few modifications the 1100 is a screamer. My wife rides one but is looking to trade for a Stratoliner.

  5. yerzejricg

    ...I'll second that. I went riding last sun with a bud of mine for the first time. He has a '99 HD road king and I have a '00 V*1100. He tried his best to dog me but it didn't happen! Cruised at 80mph for awhile with no problems till I got excited from the good vibrations. Since you have experience you will not be disapointed, so go put some fun between your legs and keep up with the 'ol man ...

  6. yohntoe1

    hi,my first star was a 2001 650 classic spoke wheel addition .i must say it was no slouch .i bought it used with very low miles and it had a cobra jet kit and pipes on it already .dont know if it had k&n filter or not but it was pretty punchy for a 650 .when i rode with my friend against his harley 1200 sporster he was shocked at the speed of my little 650 .i am 5,8 240 and it pulled me along fine .it was lacking in top end as far as needing another gear but the 1100 is just the same .riding 2 up on the 650 was kinda a bear especially on inclines.i rode that bike near 2 and a half years then traded it in on the 1100 classic cast wheel addition.there was a noticable power difference in the 1100 verses the 650 ......40 horse on the 650 verses 51 on the 1100 in stock form.i am waiting for good warm weather here (maybe today)to add a maxair air kit my 1100 which boasts an additional 10 horsepower and more footpounds of tourqe as well.the 1100 weighs in at 600 pounds .i had no problems jumping into the 1100 from the 650 just took a little time to adjust to the added weight and bulk of the bike.the stock seat on the classic is huge and i have never felt the need to replace it with aftermarket seat.even the 1100 has the need for a added gear in the top end but this air kit is supossed to relieve that feeling.i will know soon enough.if you have the extra funds shoot for the 1100 right away .if you can grab a clean 2005 model do that ...after 05 they put cats in the pipes i hear and some selinoids in the carbs that you need to disable if your going to add a good air kit .these bikes use carbs so if thats an issue for you i think the 1300 is fuel injected???correct me if i,m wrong.good luck with whatever you choose.i figured you could use some good feedback from someone who has owned both the 650 and the 1100 for some time .good luck .

  7. iovapige

    Many years ago in HS I thought a 350 was a huge ride. But coming back to riding I got the 1100 and thought it a great ride. But when I started on some longer rides I was considering a Road Star but when the Stratoliner came out I had to go with that. But I don't think you would go wrong with the 1100. iovapige



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