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  1. vakonman

    A few days ago I changed the oil and filter in my VStar 1100 Classic. (Every time I do this the ORK looks better and better ) When I went to purchase the new oil the store (Canadian Tire) had only 2 liters of the oil I had been using so I selected another type on advise of a mechanic who works there and rides a Harley. I bought Quaker State Peak Performance 10W40. I have read to avoid any oil that states that it is "Energy Conserving" in the small circular emblem on the back of the bottle. I verified that the selected oil did not indicate as such. However, I did not think to verify the API standard. The Clymer manual states that only SE, SF or SG are acceptable. The Quaker State Peak Performance is API SL. Since "L" is further along in the alphabet than "E", "F" and "G" does this mean the "L" at least meets the specified standard for the 1100?

    Also, the bottle states "power engineered to reduce friction". Is that another way of saying that the oil is energy conserving? Have I been duped?


  2. yaro

    That could be your answer to the other thread. The clutch may be slipping due to not proper oil being used. You should stay with oil designed for motorcycles.

  3. vakonman

    I thought about that yaro, but the clutch was slipping with the old oil also. That is why I decided to change it. I was hoping new oil would eliminate the slippage.

    Also, in numerous posts on YMF and in other literature about which is the best oil to use I have read that as long as the "energy conserving" oil is avoided, any good quality motor oil is sufficient - just don't run it too far.

  4. quicgmicg

    You are absolutely fine using that oil. It's just an updated standard.

    SL rating = will work in all 2001 and older vehicles.....
    SE SF SG = 1979 1988 1993 respectively....

    you can read more about it here....

    The only worry is to stay away from "Energy Conserving" as you mentioned.... and if it's got a viscosity rating higher than "30" will not be rated as "Energy Conserving" anything in the 10W/40 family on up is absolutely fine.

    Oil doesn't need to have "motorcycle" written in the label to work in your bike.

  5. vakonman

    Thanks Mick,
    There are a few fellows here on YMF whose experience, expertise and advise I greatly respect. You are one of those guys.

  6. yaro

    Thanks Mick,There are a few fellows here on YMF whose...
    Ouch! That hurt!

    I'm one of those guys that if they start selling gasoline with "motorcycle" written on it, I would only buy that one.

  7. vakonman

    Hey yaro, sorry man. I in no way intended to slight anyone. I appreciate any advise I can get. It's just that some guys on here are way above the rest of us in bike knowledge. I've come to rely heavily on them.


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