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  1. chambzchvars

    I'm looking for some Ape hangers that are reasonably priced. I looked at Pacific Coast and J&P. Looking for 16" Rise and 35" Width and 8" Pullback. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. SdoneColtSdar

    Check out Baron's... they have the Kong Bars and even have the cables premade for the Yamahas... Pricey though... you could also do like I did... I went onto eBay and found a very nice set that were marked as blems for $75... hard to find thought... everyone wants 16" apes... they go fast... Also, have you tried looking over on delphi at the Ape Hangers rEv? I frequent there a lot and there are deals on there every now and then... If you need a link... just let me know...

  3. chambzchvars

    Yes a link would be great. Thanks for your help!

  4. SdoneColtSdar

    Here ya go...

  5. vgink18054

    stone coldstar.
    I think i see you on every forum i visit. star, 1100 forum, MC101, star parts and trade and here.
    you got any other good places to hang out when not working or riding.


    p.s the cb i bought from your friend works great.


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