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Anyone purchased 2010 bars for their 1300?

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  1. drcruizer

    Anyone purchased 2010 tourer bars for their 1300, or can they be ordered yet?

    I've been trying to find a part number but none of the online catalogs have listings for 2010 yet.

  2. ModoHero

    Did something change fromthe 07-09? If not; well they earlier models all take similar bars. There has been quite a range of bar selections on this forum. RSTD and several others lead the list.


  3. retzdaret

    2010 VStar 1300 has a new type of handle bars. Rumors have it being the RSTD bars.

  4. MorkKW

    DITTO to what retzdaret said. I purchased it 28 months ago, if the rumor is correct and it is, in fact, Yammy's RSTD bar.


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