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Any one in or near Upper East TN

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  1. aarona

    looking for people in my area to add to the riding group we ride into VA and NC we love the mountains , cold beer and live bands.

  2. 13oSc

    I ain't from there, but COOTIE BROWN'S in Johnson City is a great place to eat!

  3. aarona

    cool so you have passed through Cootie browns is just 5 min away from me

  4. 13oSc

    Met a friend down there last year for the BMW rally.. we were really in G'burg and took a day/nite trip to Johnson City to the rally...Cootie's may just be the best resturant EVER!

  5. alvrmcuzn

    You may already know this but...there is a new Star Touring and Riding Association being formed in the Johnson City area. It's signing day is March 27 I believe, and will be in Greenville, TN (Greeneville Powersports 190 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy. Greeneville, TN)


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