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Any interest in a Maryland to PA Ride?

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  1. retzdarraiter

    hey guys, i just mapped it out and its like 73 miles just to get to frederick. i guess thats too far for me to ride, especially alone. have a great time, RED

  2. ft38278

    Bummer Red, maybe someone will take up the trailer offer and you can meet them. We'll be back in your neck of the woods and ride again.
    Hey I see you went from a prospect to a member congrats to you.

  3. ft38278

    Just wanted to bump this up so anyone who hasn't seen it can check up if they want to go.

    Read the post....let us know if you want to go. Meeting this Saturday Aug 8th for the ride. Come join us for a sweet country ride with great roads and scenic views.

  4. ft38278

    We drove the route last night via cage and checked out all the roads. SAAAWEEEEET ride. Its sorta kinda two rides in one. On the way up its country roads with lots of sites to see, open country with farms and a few small towns we pass through and around. On the way back its totaly different. We will be riding through a couple of state parks with long sweeping turns and nice easy twisties. Mostly forest and park area's with excellent roads and we will pass through miles of apple and peach orchards.

    I was going to map out the ride and post the roads for everyone but its almost to long to list. Once we are out on the country roads the names change to many times as we twist through the back country heading up to Uniques. The trip back is just as back road as the trip up.

    Don't forget you camera's.

  5. Suzhipiger

    Who's committed to this so far?

  6. ft38278

    So far I belive its zgreiker and fience'(SP?) VADezikn and wife, Me, my buddy and his girl. Redstrraider backed out when he found how far from his house it is. Still waiting for others to check up.

    Was hoping for Suzhipiger to ride but he's got alot on his plate with the house and stuff, I think the poor guy's gonna snap soon if he don't get out and relax on a nice ride.

  7. vald

    Would love to meet up with you guys if you go after the 15th. I live in Hampstead which is 40 minutes from gettysburg. I ride to gettysburg usually twice a month, but I'm leaving on Family vacation to Myrtle Beach on the 8th through the 15th. Will be trailering my bike and plan on riding down the coast to charleston when the woman go shopping. But let me know when any one wants to ride. I also enjoy York Pa, and the amish country in Lancaster. Was just in Frederick last Friday. Had a great ride and came back by way of thurmont. Love my royal star and can't get enough.

  8. VADezikn

    Well, I ruined my riding plans - at least for this weekend. I just got the new competition baffle for my V&H Pro pipe. Only thing is, it doesn't have a built in end cap like the stock baffle that came with the Pro pipe. I tried to cut the end cap off the standard baffle - but all I accomplished with that effort was mangling my standard baffle - and I was unable to make something to hold the competition baffle in place (no matter how ugly).

    So I have no baffle - and it sound like hell. I'm not riding it like that and I just sold my stock exhaust last weekend. I ordered a V&H pro pipe end cap just now (cost nearly twice what the baffle cost), but it sure won't arrive tomorrow.

    So, I know the ride will be great - but I will just have to dream about it. I'm pretty angry with myself - I should have just accepted that I couldn't make it work and left the standard baffle in place while I ordered an end cap. Now I have to pay the price

  9. MrNoise

    VA Design, I can loan you a stock mid-night exhaust until you get your end cap.

  10. MrNoise

    Some of us Warrior riders from VA to Jersey are meeting at the Hooters in York, PA at noon on Saturday. Stop on by and say hello if it is not too far off the route.

  11. VADezikn

    Dude - you're a life saver! Let me know if I can run by and pick it up either this afternoon or evening.

    Mapquest shows it as only 45 minutes over to York - I can certainly run over there - what's the address/time-of-day you guys will be there?

  12. ft38278

    Oh man that sucks, hope MrNoise can help you out.

    So its friday, can I get one last check of who is going.

  13. Suzhipiger

    Just to take the ambiguity out of it, I will not be attending. I need to be nearby to facilitate showings of the house and I may as well keep fixing it up so I can get out of here.

    I tried, but can't get away this time.

  14. ft38278

    No problem sushi, we shall catch you on the next run. And as always I am hoping your house sells soon and you get the one you want, well actually its cause I'm waiting for the house warming party.

  15. retzdarraiter

    we all are!

    nothing beats a bonfire in the fall, drinking a few with your buddies!

  16. zgreiker

    FYI - I'm still in for the ride tomorrow...probably riding solo since we rode up to my parents in northeast pa thursday and just got back a few minutes ago.

  17. ft38278

    Looks like a small group but the ride is still on. See ya in the morning.

  18. retzdarraiter

    y'all have fun now, ya hear?

  19. VADezikn

    I'm going to pass this time. I will join in next time.

    Post a picture or two!

  20. zgreiker

    see you at Boscov's @ 9:30

    FD - i'll give you a call if i'm running late (i shouldn't be, but i do have to take the better half's vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation)


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