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Any interest in a Maryland to PA Ride?

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  1. ft38278

    Hey Guy's and Gal's, anyone interested in a country ride sometime in August?
    A friend and I mapped out a real nice ride From Frederick to Gettysburg and back.

    The ride will take us through alot of back country twisty roads. We will start in Frederick like the last time and head out towards Gettysburg. We mapped out several cool things to see each way. We will be taking a different route to and from Gettysburg so we won't be stuck with the same view each way.

    We planned a stop at Uniques on the outskirts of Gettysburg, Uniques is just that a unique shop that carries motorcycle clothing, helmets, leather bags, and all kinds a cool stuff and there prices are easy on the wallet, very easy compared to most shops I've gone to.

    We also planned to stop and have lunch at the Crossroads Diner. Good food and nice people.

    There is gas available throughout the ride so no worries on fueling up.

    We will be passing through a couple of state parks that have some of the best sweeping turns and twisties I could find. We will also stop at an amazing view of a drained lake.

    So if anyone is interested post up and let me know, also I don't have a date set so let me know what weekends you are available in August and we can work it out for everyone to go.

  2. zgreiker

    count me in - just let me know when...the only weekend i can't do it is aug 15-16 - have to dog sit in PA for the parents

  3. retzdarraiter

    sounds good.

  4. Suzhipiger

    I'm interested but I'm still working on the house and have the 2-week duty period at the end of the month. Not sure I'll make this one.

  5. ft38278

    Bummer Sushi, But I understand with the house thing, and "Uncle Sam wants you" reserve duty.

    zgreiker and retzdarraiter we will probably meet up at Frederick Town Mall again, I'll get a map posted on here and directions for those comming from afar.

    Another question for everyone, do you want to do a Saturday or Sunday ride?

  6. VADezikn

    I'm interested as well (Saturday's work better for me - just already booked for the 1st and 15th). I rode with you guys on the Southern Maryland ride.

  7. zgreiker

    either is good for me - what's the 8th looking like for everyone?

    VADezikn - good to see we got you on the forum!

  8. VADezikn


    The 8th is okay for me. I will have the Mrs that day - splaining all the things to me that I'm cornfused about and generally setting me straight.

    Some of us need regular instructions, it would seem...

  9. retzdarraiter

    well since were going to pa. is there anywhere i can meet up with you guys? id rather not ride all the way up to frederick. im in annapolis and i think you have to come my way if your going to pa.

  10. zgreiker

    retzdarraiter - i think there might be an issue (someone feel free to jump in)...US15 runs from Frederick right up into gettysburg (and further), so i don't think the run will take us the annapolis route (unless we take a severe detour - i'm open to anything, just wanna ride). Maybe we can get some of the so. md guys to get on up here and someone may have a trailer willing to help you.

    If i had a trailer, i'd definitely be willing to give you a hand (but i reeeeeeeaaaaallllly like that raider and just may fall off the map, jk). We have a week, so maybe some more may be interested. If you like twisties and not alot of traffic, you'll love riding out this way.

    VADezikn - i'll probably have my fiance with me for the same reasons.

  11. retzdarraiter

    im def. coming. i just thought you guys would be coming this way. ok, it would be nice to ride up with someone from my area so if any southern md. guys are heading out, let me know. hugs and kisses, RED

  12. zgreiker

    im def. coming. i just thought you guys would be coming this way. ok, it would be nice to ride up with someone from my area so if any southern md. guys are heading out, let me know. hugs and kisses, RED
    awww...someone give the big guy some love lol

  13. Goadlocger69

    I was trying to make the next run but I'll be outta town ths coming weekend. That and we have a poker run down in this area that I was going to do that day but...

  14. vakonman

    Hey Y'all,
    I've noticed this term "poker run" many times here on YMF. I hoped that if I was patient enough some sort of explanation would appear and I wouldn't have to ask a dumb question. But that hasn't happened, so now I'm askin'. What is a poker run? Thanks.

  15. retzdarraiter

    its a ride, usually for some charity or other worthwhile cause. you pay say 20.00 and you get a playing card, everyone starts and finishes at a given location. then a group of participants ride to another spot, a bar or bike store. you pick up a card there as well, then its off to another location, and so on until you get your five or seven cards. you usually wind up back where you started. the person with the best poker hand wins! you can also win for the worst hand.

  16. vakonman

    Sounds like a cool idea. Thanks red.

  17. ft38278

    For the Southern Maryland riders. The ride Starts in Frederick and heads North East towards PA so there's no place any closer to meet up. I have a trailer that can haul two bikes comfortably and maybe squeeze three if you pack it right. If anyone has a vehicle that can pull the trailer and would like to meet me half way I will lend it to you. you can then meet up with other riders load and go. I can then meet you sometime after the ride to pick it back up. The meeting place in Frederick has a massive parking lot so your vehicle and the trailer will be fine. Its a 6.5 x 12 open trailer with ramp so its not heavy to pull.

    So is the 8th ok with everyone?

  18. VADezikn

    I'm fine with 8/8 and with Frederick (only about an hour from my place in Oakton, VA). I'll be riding 2-up and would be great with a specific meet time and address (for my GPS). In fact, if you happen to know the address in Gettysburg that we're heading to, I could put that in my GPS too (gives me an advance look at the curves and intersections ahead). Don't have a Garmin (have a Magellan Roadmate 1200), so I can't do fancy stuff like downloading maps. Thanks!

  19. ft38278

    Cool, I'll get the adresses for the start and PA furthest stop and post them. We are going to drive it by cage wednesday to make sure no construction or road hazards. I'll post the route when we finish the ride so everyone will have a heads up to the roads we will be taking. We just want to make sure the ride won't have any issues so we will be taking the ride and making changes to the route if neccessary.

    We had a really bad storm Sunday morning up here in Western Maryland and there are trees down everywhere and power lines. Most of the area we are going to cover is north of the storms damage but we still have to get out of Frederick. And the route we are taking is all back roads.

  20. ft38278

    The Weather looks great for this Saturday the 8th. The ride starts out at Boscov's in the Frederick Towne Mall (1301 West Patrick St. Frederick Md 21702)

    We will meet and greet at 9:30ish and hope to pull out at 10:00. if anyone needs more time to get there let me know we will change the times. PM me if you need my cell # in case you get lost.

    I'll post the route later this week when we take the pre ride road check.

    Our destination (or turn around spot) will be at Uniques Cycle Supplies, check out there website (426 Lincoln Way West (rt30) New Oxford PA) great little cycle supply shop.

    We will take one route to Uniques and a different one coming back. Lunch will be at the Crossroads Diner (just up the street from Uniques).


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