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  1. silverfox39

    Yep, I'm new at this. I bought an 02 Yamaha 1100 Custom and I'm now hearing some "clanking" when starting and sometimes when I shut it off. The bolts on the starter are pretty straight, but I suspect I need to do some repair or replacement of the starter. How difficult is it to replace a starter? I don't apply throttle when starting, but it still doesn't always sound good. I'm willing to try the replacement, but don't want to get over my head. Thanks for any suggestions or help.

  2. 1CuzdominFL

    The starter is incredibly easy to replace. The star clutch, on the other hand, is much more fun. It involves pulling the crankcase cover off the left side of the bike, but I wouldn't do it until it goes out, which you'll know when you go to start the bike you'll hear the starter spinning but nothing else will be.

  3. silverfox39

    Thanks for your encouragement. I can get a new starter for about $180 and will order one soon. I hope this solves the clanking I hear when starting the bike. If not, I'll be back to ask more questions. Thanks again.

  4. LiddleBen

    The clanking has been covered here in other posts the noise is caused by the motor kicking back and hitting the one way clutch. Almost all these bikes do this. There is no way to fix it, you just have to live with it. I have 2 of these bikes an 01 and an 03 one does it one does not.You will most commonly hear this on shut off. and ocasionaly when cranking if the bike fails to start and kicks back a little.

  5. silverfox39

    Thanks, LiddleBen, for the additional info. I'll live with it and see if it gets worse. I'm surprised the problem is as common at it seems to be. I appreciate the feedback.

  6. wzdartan

    Check the TPS settings. The throttle advance may be incorrectly adjusted. Do NOT use your throttle when starting the bike. Use the Choke (fuel enrichment) only. Good luck!

  7. silverfox39

    Thanks, Dan.

    TPS? Once I figure out what that is, I'll check it.

    I know to only use the choke when starting the bike and that seems to work pretty well. I still get a "clank" now and then and also when I shut the bike down. I'm determined to figure this thing out, but it looks like it's going to take me a while. I appreciate your help and, if you have the patience, will appreciate an explanation of what TPS means.

  8. fupar

    ...TPS? Once I figure out what that is, I'll check it...
    I think it stands for Throttle Position Sensor.
    My 2000 does the "clang", too.

  9. silverfox39

    Thanks, fupar.

    I'll look it up and see what I can find out about it.

    I hate to take the bike to the local shop because I don't want to be ripped-off, but I haven't found anyone else who works on them at home, etc. As I said, I'll get this figured out eventually.

    Thanks again.


  10. fupar

    ...I hate to take the bike to the local shop because I don't want to be ripped-off...
    If you do start taking your bike to the local shop, you'll soon find out why we refer to those places as -



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