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Another ORK Question

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  1. tfe38

    I've decided to purchase a Phate performance Elite ORK for my 2005 Silverado, mainly because of the increased line size.

    There are two models available, one with fittings and one with stainless steel clamps.

    I have read that you have to assemble the lines yourself and the fittings are a pain to put together.

    I have once source (salesman) that recommended the "stainless steel clamps" for two reasons, 1) they look better and
    2) if you ever had a line failure you could replace it without having to special order.

    Has anyone else had to make the same decision? What was your choice as to which is best?

    Thanks for your help!


  2. quicgmicg

    I have clamps...never had a problem23.

  3. bkman

    I also have the one with the clamps (you have to put the lines together). I also have never had a problem23 in over 16,000 miles (since I installed it). I do think that getting the lines put together is a pain, though. It took me about an hour to install my ORK, and almost 50 minutes of that time was just getting the fittings properly pushed into the rubber hoses and the clamps properly wrapped over the hose end. Its not that it is terribly difficult, just a little tedious as the stainless steel braid covering the hose is a little tricky.


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